Monday, November 21, 2005


i thing Nachman is confused, since he knows Ali's a prince. Because prince is some body important to be around to. I believe that's are Nachmam feels. he concidere him self has a lower class level with nothing on his table ,and a low self esteen like him. To have a prince by him side and call him at home. He thinks that's incredible to him.
writing a paper free for the prince can make them friends for ever.In my opinion I think that's how Nachman think.

Ali's the one that keep mentions his girl friends name. Nachman doesn't seem to much intresting, his intresting is how much Ali's paying to the restaurent, every thing are fabulus there , the services the food he ever have before in his life, the drink the alcohols the environements and the place that's make him so proud of him self to there with the prince Ali. I don't know the reason why when Ali's brings the paper up he is not responde, in my mind I think he want's to know first who is Ali, in the fisrt place, a prince with alots of back ground who want his help in writing, he my be thinking in his mind that can be a trap, because he read the books for the writing but he never write a sentence, and he promised to do it. I don't know what is confused Nachman , but i know there is a confusion in there. he could be inspire by Ali, or he could be scare to write the paper.

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