Monday, November 21, 2005

Ali and Nachman

There were two different people, Ali and Nachman. They were different both personality and socio-economic features. Ali and Nachman were going to dinner at the expensive restaurant which one of them never went to like a luxury restaurant before. Actually, they were planed to speak about a paper at the dinner. But, they had to speak other things that are boring. Ali's and Nachman's socio-economic levels are so different. They were going to dinner by Ali's limousine. Ali was wearing extreme costly and smart clothes, on the other side Nachman wearied old and inappropriate clothes to dinner at the luxurious restaurant. Hence, he feels himself a comic man. In addition, Ali disturbed Nachman with says. Despite Nachman got on a comfortable car and went to a luxury restaurant, he fairly uncomfortable due to dialogs with Ali. There were a kind of quarrel between Ali and Nachman. Ali was trying to feel to him that theirs socio-economic levels were different. Despite there needn't to talk about Swenny, Ali talks about Swenny. Ali didn't want to tell about his homework. He preferred to flaunt by telling about her beautiful and well-known girlfriend. There was a sneered when Nachman talked about Sweeny, who was Ali's girlfriend. Thus, they had to speak irrelevant subjects on.

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