Monday, November 21, 2005

Ali and Nachman

Two people who have different background meet at the same restaurant
. Ali is a rich and Nachman doesn't. Nachman wasn’t comportable at all. Because luxury restaurant where he rarely had been, Ali’s expensive clothes.
Nachman was really excited when he met Ali but Ali was not as excited as Nachman did. During meeting, Nachman definitely wants to talk about the paper, however, Ali is not interested paper at all.
Ali mentioned his girl Sweeny quite many times. He doesn’t seem like to talk about paper with Nachman because Nachman knows more than he does.
I think that If Nachman has interested on Sweeny. Ali could exchange Her with final paper and he mentioned about other things but Nachman does not interested those things at all. After all, they realized that they can’t continue talk anymore because they have different purpose and interest to each other.

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