Monday, November 21, 2005

Ali and Nachman

I think that Ali and Nachman are nervous because for the two reasons. They are that they don't trust each other and they feel quilty about it. Because they were not a friend before this academic misconduct situation, they couldn't trust. Ali is trying to be nice to Nachman because he doesn't want him not to write the papers. That is why he is trying to act specially good on him. And Nachman is nervous because of the fact that he feels guilty and he have affection toward Ali. I am not really sure why they are mentioning about the Ali's girlfriend. But I think it's kind of saying that Ali's girlfriend is that beautiful so maybe if you be nice to Ali he could hook up with you for someone. All I know is that Ali is trying to bribe Nachman until the paper ends well. And keep his eye on him so that he wouldn't expose the plagiarism.

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