Monday, November 21, 2005

Ali's plan on Nachman

I think the reason that Ali and Nachman seem nervous while they had a dinner because they don’t have anything in common; unlike Ali who cares only fun, Nachman is a serious guy. Nachman doesn’t know anything about Ali’s world or social circle; in the same time, Ali also doesn’t know anything about Nachman’s world. However, Ali has to use Nachman for writing his assignment paper, so he just wants to make Nachman feel that he is such a nice guy. He is sincere and he can get along with everyone no matter who they are, rich or poor. But he doesn’t know anything that Nachman interest so he might think that a girl’s topic is easy to talk to a man, especially to a man like Nachman. Because Nachman seem to be alone, isolated and sometimes like a nerd. Moreover, Sweeny is a very attractive woman whom Ali thinks that hardly anyone can resist her charming. But for Ali, Sweeny means nothing; just another factor that makes him look cool and rich, so he wants to share Sweeny to Nachman. It’s like a guarantee that Nachman would feel eagerly to do his paper, if Nachman get a crush on Sweeny. Furthermore, I think the reason that Ali took Nachman to the fancy restaurant and gave him the expensive food, wine, port and cigar was because Ali wants Nachman to become like Norbert whom he can buy with money; if Nachman starts to like this kind of living, he would have to use a lot of money. Then, he will do anything for the money such as continually doing another paper for Ali.

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