Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blog 10

The end of the story is very interesting. Nachman tries to find that the post about paper which he never wrote and posted it. He hardly remembers that he didn’t write about even one word. I don’t know that Nachman was made it deliberately or not. Ali and Norbert wanted from Nachman to write a paper for Ali, which was an immoral request. Nachman accepted this immoral work. To write paper, he borrowed some books from library about Henry Bergson’ Metaphysics and he read them during two weeks. But, he never wrote it. If anybody was promised to make anything, he might make it. Furthermore, he made as if he wrote and posted it to Ali from his mother home. Although he didn’t write it, he was behaved as if he had written it. This behavior is immoral, too. I think, Nachman actually didn’t write the paper. Because, he couldn’t wrote this paper. If he could have written the paper, he had written it. As Ali and Norbert, Nachman is seen interesting person, too. His behaviors are interesting. He can tell some lies. The other interesting subject is that Nachman’s attitude to Sweeny. It is unusual. At the end of the story, he remembered Ali’s handsome face. What is this mean? I don’t know. Although Nachman don’t want meet to Sweeny, Ali had been sanded Sweeny to Nachman’s House to ask his paper. Why? I don’t understand.

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