Monday, November 28, 2005

Brave Nachman

He was brave. Despite of some thousand of dinning that he received, Nachman did not write the paper. I guess it was not easy. If I were him, I would write the paper anyway because I could not see that Ali ruined his graduation plan. So, at the first time, I wished he noticed it to Ali early, so Ali can have chance to finish own paper. However, I found out that the early notice just give time that find another Nachman to Ali. Also Nachman figured out there is nothing he felt guilty about refusing the ghostwriting. Acting moral person needs strong heart. After I understood that Nachman was brave, I liked him. However, I guess he was lucky about that Ali did not hire a muscle guy to beat him. Well, is it the reason that he lied that he sent the paper? Than, he was even smart as well as brave.

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