Monday, November 21, 2005

difference from Ali and Nachman

Ali and Nachman feel very nervous in each other because the meeting purpose and background are different. When Nachman and Ali meet, Nachman wants to discuss about Ali’s paper, but Ali was unconcerned with his paper, and he just wants to talk about his girlfriend, Sweeny. They meet in a luxury restaurant in order to have a dinner. Ali is rich man, so if he wants to go to the deluxe restaurant, he always is able to go. However, Nachman never can go this kind of restaurant before because of a poor, so he felt awkward for having a dinner. in addition, Ali wore a party dress that suits restaurants atmosphere, but Nachman wore old and shabby clothes. And Ali brings his girlfriend in the restaurant because of comfortable communication. He just wants to gossip about friend’s information because he does not know anything about the paper. These things made angry in each other.

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