Monday, November 21, 2005

Do you know why?

I think that Ali feel nervous because he afraid that the restaurant, the arrangement he made, and the meal – fish soup, wine, port, cigar, he ordered, do not suit what Nachman wants or likes since this is his the first time dine with Nachman, and he probably doesn’t know what Nachman likes. Another, factor that makes Ali nervous probably is he cares about how Nachman will think about him or his personality; therefore he try to find something to say or tell Nachman. But, after Ali knows that Nachman likes what he arranged and ordered, he feels relieved.

In Nachman situation, I think that he feel nervous because of the situation he never experienced in – fancy cloth Ali wears, fancy restaurant, wine, port, cigar, and people dine at that restaurant are seemed like high class people. Compare to Ali, Nachman only wears jacket with white shirt under it and jean to that formal fancy restaurant. I will say that Nachman mostly feel uncomfortable dine with Ali at that fancy restaurant not just feel nervous. I think another factor causes Nachman uncomfortable and nervous is because Ali is talking about his girlfriend, Sweeny, all the time without any intention wanting to hear about his paper. It seems like for Nachman, Ali is an arrogant person, and they are very different in their status. Those lead to Nachman changes his mind to talk about the paper and add that Ali seems like he doesn’t want to listen about the paper, Bergson, or metaphysics, too. He just wants to hear that the paper is done or finished. Therefore, Ali just keeps telling and discussing his girlfriend to Nachman.

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