Monday, November 28, 2005

I can say that

After I read all of story, I can conclude that Nachman didn’t write the paper. Although he read the book, he didn’t write it. At the first time, he decided to write the paper and organized it. However, he changed his mind after he had had dinner with Ali. There are two reasons why Nachman changed his mind. First of all, Nachman was interested in talking about the paper with Ali, but Ali didn’t pay attention it. Nachman thought that Ali didn’t care him and he was shameful from Nachman. Nachman was disappointed in Ali and upset. The second, Nachman might think that he was different from Ali. Ali was prince and rich but Nachman was just poor student. Nachman might be envious of Ali. Therefore, Nachman is just person who couldn’t finish the paper because of reasons above.

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