Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I think Nachman is a trigger man

In my opinion, i think Nachman did not write a paper because he want to challenge Ali and teach something to Ali about money can not buy anything. Moreover, i think he guess that if he did not send the paper, Ali will ask someone to ask the paper from him which is Sweeny.I think Nachman knows that Sweeny going to see him someday about the paper.So, everything is on the plan,
payback to Ali about his manner and get a chance to get near to Sweeny.
The other thought that i think about Nachman is he is decide to not write a paper because it's wrong and he wants Ali to write bt himself by talk to Sweeny and let the tape recorded what he say and explian to Ali. But the problem is Nachman feel lost concentrate because the beauty and charming of Sweeny.So, Nachman want to get near to Sweeny morethan explain Bergson's book.
And the reason that why he stills keep thinking about whether he wrote a paper of not because he
did not the paper but he remember all words and all theory that he read from Bergson's book.

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