Monday, November 28, 2005

It's hard to say......

At the end of the story I think that Nachman did not write the paper and never sent it to Ali. What he said about sending the paper to Ali’s house from his mom’s house all was a lie. He made it up because he had not finished the paper and you can say that he even not started it yet.

I think there are 3 possible reasons which can be conclude from the article why Nachman did not write the paper and lie to everyone. First I think that probably he hasn’t done reading the books about Bergson so he did not have enough information that he could write about. Another possible reason made Nachman not to write the paper probably because after the meeting with Ali in the restaurant made Nachman changed his mind. He felt like Ali did not care much about the contents of the paper. What Ali wants was the finished paper. Nachman first thought that Ali really interesting in the paper but because of Ali attitude toward the paper not the same as what Nachman expected, this led to Nachman changed his decision. The last possible reason is probably he really felt that helping someone write his/her paper was wrong and this made him stop helping Ali to write a paper. But why did he lie to all the people? Was it because he did not want to ruin the friendship relationships? Moreover, at the end he seemed disappointed, and he felt like he, himself, had made a wrong choice not to help Ali to write his paper. He wished that he had really sent the paper to Ali, but he did not.

In conclusion I think the best reason that made Nachman not wrote the paper is he felt desperate because Ali attitude toward the paper is not what Nachman expected. Nachman wanted to talk about his ideas, but Ali did not want to listen. All Ali wanted was the finished paper. And this made Nachman changed his mind. I think not because of right or wrong.

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