Monday, November 28, 2005

Nachman changes his mind

I think that Nachman did not write Ali’s paper. Even though Nachman write the paper, he would not give Ali. After having a dinner with Ali, because he is hurt Ali. Nachman might think that Ali have to pay attention to his paper although Ali has tried bribe and ask to write for him. But Ali is unconcerned about the paper, just he wants to talk about his girlfriend and anything else. Nachman is disappointed in the kind of Ali’s action. Additionally, if Nachman write the paper, Ali might think that if I give him money, Nachman would write a paper next time. And Ali could think money can do everything. So, even though Nachman needs a little of money, he could not write the paper. Nachman change his mind the kind of reason. I think that Nachman is immoral because at the beginning he tried to write the paper for him although at the end he changes his mind.

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