Monday, November 28, 2005

Nachman didn't write a paper.

First, I did not even realize whether he wrote a paper or not. Actually I thought that he wrote the paper, but there were some problems in the process of deliver. After I review the story, I can get it. In fact, he didn’t even write one word. I cannot understand his mind. Nachman is really a strange guy. I though to myself hardly, then I conclude that he did it out of his mind, not on purpose. I think that Nachman did not want to betray Ali, but he did not want to do incorrect things neither. Both ideas made him did weird things such as imaginary act. He did not do it, but he thought he did it. So I think that he pass through dissociation of consciousness. He is just a normal people and he was able to finish the paper. He had an ability enough to make it. I think that it’s kind of temporary mental problem. In conclusion, both Nachman and Ali are poor guys.

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