Monday, November 21, 2005

Nachman dislike his elegant anymore.

I think the difference of their backgrounds made them nervous each other. Ali has lots of money and power, but Nachman does not have. Before they went to dinner, Nachman supposed to talk everything about paper to Ali with pleasure, because he liked Ali and his manner. But he changed his mind on the way to have dinner. All of his action which is too noble made him be resentful to Ali. He might think that Ali is arrogant too much. Even though he had asked Nachman to do his paper, he is so elegant. It made Nachman bad mood. I can find it when Nachman changed his mind that he would tell him about paper, after he saw Ali’s poor face. He wanted to see his confusion. In the other hand Ali want to talk about the paper, but he could not easily talk about the paper, because of his unfair paper and he worried that Nachman is unpleasant about it. It is why he talked about Ali’s girlfriend. He wanted to make a mood easy to talk about paper and please Nachman. The main reason is that Ali grew up in the wealthy classes, so he is not familiar with dealing people. He just thought that money makes Nachman happy. But it brought out opposite situation. These things made them nervous during the conversation.

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