Monday, November 21, 2005

Nachman is confused!

Nachman and Ali went to fancy restaurant. At first Nachman was intimidated by fact that Ali is very rich and have good manners. Nachman have never been in a place like that and he was shocked. After they sat down and Ali started conversation, Nachman was still thinking about finding a way to tell him, he is not going to do Ali’s paper. In the other hand Ali was trying to ignore the fact that Nachman wasn’t happy to this from beginning. The reason Ali brought his cheerleader girlfriend up so many times, because he was trying to seduce Nachman with her attractiveness and beauty. Nachman wasn’t sure what to say and to do, therefore he just listen to Ali’s non-sense. Ali was trying so hard to impress Nachman with his money and power. Ali didn’t like to hear no from Nachman, he was too arrogant and air-headed to understand that. Nachman felt like he got himself in to so much agony and misery. Ali pointed out his girlfriend so many times; it is almost sound like he was trying to sale her to Nachman for the price of the paper. I think that was very strange conversation between these two. Ali brought another twisted way to go around simple thing such as asking Nachman for final paper.

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