Monday, November 28, 2005

Nachman is an insane chicken

At the end of the story, Nachman acted like an insane chicken. I think he didn’t write the paper, but he pretended he did. At the end, he even wanted to convince himself he did write it. That sounds insane for me. If he didn’t want to write for Ali, he can talk to Ali. However, he didn’t have bravery to against Ali who presented so charming to him. In my opinion, Nachman didn’t write a word for the paper because he felt bad during the dinner. Although Ali wanted to treat Nachman as a royal guest, what Nachman felt was Ali tried to show-off. Moreover, I don’t think what Nachman did can be judged moral or not. He just the one used to lived on the boundary. He made the deal because he couldn’t disappoint Ali; he broke the promise because he wanted to upset Ali. Both of these decisions were made emotionally.

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