Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nachman Tricked Ali

In End of this story, Nachman acts so weird. So I figured out that Nachman did not write paper at all. I could make everything clear what he’ve done from the beginning. Why he treat Ali with that way. I can not understand why he acted like he wrote paper at the beginning of the story. What a brave person. Why did he want to talk paper that he didn’t write with Ali? He’s insane, I feel sorry for him somehow. Ali was disappointed at him so bad.
If I were Ali, I would bit him up. What kind of person can act like that? Ali was not good either from beginning because he didn’t write paper either, however, He did not lie about paper like Nachman. At the end, both of them act just like normal. But I can tell how Nachman felt shame toward Ali. Ali would not see Nachman again.

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