Monday, November 28, 2005

Nachman with no paper!

I think Nachman didn’t finish the paper, not because he was lazy or couldn’t finish it, because he didn’t feel right about it. Nachman wasn’t after the money or power, he was more likely to be good and moral person. In other hand his friend Norbert needed money and he would do any thing to convinced Nachman to write the paper for Ali. Nachman had to challenge himself because in one hand he couldn’t do something immoral and in the other hand he felt bad for Ali and he wanted to help him. When I was reading this story, I had a feeling Nachman and Ali both didn’t want to talk about the paper, because Ali had bad feeling about whole situation. They acted normal towards each other, but Ali deep down inside knew Nachman wouldn’t do such thing. Ali had some hope, but Nachman in the end showed him he couldn’t do it.

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