Monday, November 21, 2005

Power game

Lack of ability to write own paper is Ali’s weak point and fortune is Ali’s strong point. I think this is the reason why they keep coming back to talking about the girl. Ali does not want to let Nachman says about paper, but brag of what he got – money and an incredible piece. I think Ali wants to show who is a boss, so Ali makes Nachman does Ali’s paper. Fortune and beauty are the traditional ways that a male shows his power to others. Look at Donald J. Trump and his daughter-like wife. It looks hilarious, but we all know he has strong power that even can make exceptional beauty lives with the agley old. Also, giving big freebies is good way that make a person can not refuse giver’s favor. In conclusion, Ali prepares dining-out as the way that overwhelms Nachman and does not want to give a chance that Nachman can be a higher position. If Ali wants to be a friend with Nachman, I do not think Ali prepares that extreme dinner.

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