Monday, November 21, 2005

They were so different..

In the story, Nachman from Los Angelos from 238 to 244, the first of all, the reasons I think they are so nervous, they have so different purpose of meeting each other. Nachman would like to discuss Ali’s paper. In contrast, Ali just wanted to have dinner with Nachman. Moreover, Ali thought that it served for his paper rather than Nachman, himself.
So, they first met to go the restaurant, Ali was wearing a dinner jacket, in contrast to Nachman was wearing his old gray tweed jacket, jeans. They were too different to share their socio-economic states, experiences and interest each other. For example, with looking at Nachman’s inappropriate attire, Ali indirectly felt that he looked shameful about Nachman’s attire and thought Nachman as intelligently unlike him. Also, Nachman also got feel inconvenient to Ali’s wealthy. Although it might explicitly not come out the story, there was the big gap between the two. These differences made it difficult to share a lot interests or information.

Secondly, the reasons they don’t discuss the paper, earlier, Nachman had been eager to talk about the paper. However, Nachman was overwhelmed from Ali’s wealth such as an expense restaurant, wine and port, and a Cuban cigar. So, he first didn’t easily adapt to these atmosphere because he had never experience during his life. He just followed Ali’ action and talk about. As time goes by, Nachman felt that Ali looked splendid and triumphant as if he swaggered. Also, Ali hadn’t listened to anything about the paper. For example, Nachman is on the point of talking about the paper; Ali moved their talking toward Sweeny, who is his girlfriend. Ali was totally not interested in his paper. And Ali treated Nachman only for his paper. So they can’t discuss his paper more than that and it made Nachman disappointment. In the long run, they can’t discuss Ali’s paper because of different positions each other.

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