Monday, November 21, 2005

Unbalance both of them

In my opinion about why they feel nervous in each other because they come from different background ,they don't have anything alike in thier common life and second, they don't know in each other wells.I think these 2 reasons can make anyone feel nervous in each other.Moreover, with had a dinner in place like Chez Monsieur ,an elegant place for people like Ali or wealthy people,i believe student like Nachman can feel awkward or nervous because he doesn't know this place and never had a dinner in place like this in his life.

From the story, Nachman and Ali are came from different background ,prince and commons.they was raise in different living styles.So ,when Ali choose restuarant ,he choose place where he get used to it and can feel that he's a controller,not Nachman.I think Ali knew that he do not know anything about papers so ,he don't want to talk about it.All he concerned are when he get and when it finish?.Because he doesn't know anything about Bergson ,so that's why he keep change topic to Sweeny's ,his girlfriend, what he can proud of and know that Nachman can feel lower than him or feel jealious and Ali know that he can show off with his girlfriend.

So,conclusion, Nachman feel nervous because his outwear,jean and shirt incontrast to Ali in dinner suit.Moreover, Nachman feel uncomfortable in a place like Chez Monsieur but Ali feel control because he knew this place well because he's rich man who grew up in this living style.
Nachman want to talk about papers because it's only thing that he knews well and make he feel better in this situation but Ali want to talk about Sweeny because Sweeny is one thing that he knew well and proud of or can compete Nachman .

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