Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nachman is not a moral person

At the end of the story, I feel that I emotionally can understand Nachman but I don’t understand his real behaviors. Although Ali and Norbert’s suggestion was dishonest, Nachman accepted the suggestion (he already knew it was unfair). I think that he was not a moral person (Perhaps he thinks he is a moral himself.). If he can’t write the paper for Ali, I really think he didn’t write it, he would notice the fact to Ali in advance. However he didn’t so. I think that he has lack consideration for others. Taking it for granted that the fact, when Nachman and Ali meet, if they can share emotionally the paper or interests together, I think that perhaps he can write the paper for Ali because Nachman respected more friendship than money. However, they didn’t. Also Nachman was hurt through Ali’s talking and behaviors. Finally, assuming these reasons, I think that he was not a moral person and didn’t write the paper.

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