Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nachman is not a moral person

At the end of the story, I feel that I emotionally can understand Nachman but I don’t understand his real behaviors. Although Ali and Norbert’s suggestion was dishonest, Nachman accepted the suggestion (he already knew it was unfair). I think that he was not a moral person (Perhaps he thinks he is a moral himself.). If he can’t write the paper for Ali, I really think he didn’t write it, he would notice the fact to Ali in advance. However he didn’t so. I think that he has lack consideration for others. Taking it for granted that the fact, when Nachman and Ali meet, if they can share emotionally the paper or interests together, I think that perhaps he can write the paper for Ali because Nachman respected more friendship than money. However, they didn’t. Also Nachman was hurt through Ali’s talking and behaviors. Finally, assuming these reasons, I think that he was not a moral person and didn’t write the paper.

Nachman confusion

I think that Nachman didn’t write the paper. Nachman is a confused person; he sometimes thought that he wanted to write this paper but he sometimes didn’t want to write it. Moreover, he is an emotional person; he liked Ali at first time so he wanted to write for him. But after the dinner that night, Ali somehow made Nachman felt bad; he then didn’t want to do that paper. However, Nachman wanted to talk and stay a little bit more with Sweeny because she is a beautiful and charming girl. He then tried to say something about the paper but Sweeny seemed to know that trick. So she didn’t stay as he wished. Therefore, Nachman felt guilty about the paper and Sweeny; so he thought that it would be better, Sweeny might stay with him for awhile if he wrote that paper. So he somehow felt that he wrote that paper. I think it’s like he lied himself.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I think Nachman is a trigger man

In my opinion, i think Nachman did not write a paper because he want to challenge Ali and teach something to Ali about money can not buy anything. Moreover, i think he guess that if he did not send the paper, Ali will ask someone to ask the paper from him which is Sweeny.I think Nachman knows that Sweeny going to see him someday about the paper.So, everything is on the plan,
payback to Ali about his manner and get a chance to get near to Sweeny.
The other thought that i think about Nachman is he is decide to not write a paper because it's wrong and he wants Ali to write bt himself by talk to Sweeny and let the tape recorded what he say and explian to Ali. But the problem is Nachman feel lost concentrate because the beauty and charming of Sweeny.So, Nachman want to get near to Sweeny morethan explain Bergson's book.
And the reason that why he stills keep thinking about whether he wrote a paper of not because he
did not the paper but he remember all words and all theory that he read from Bergson's book.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nachman Tricked Ali

In End of this story, Nachman acts so weird. So I figured out that Nachman did not write paper at all. I could make everything clear what he’ve done from the beginning. Why he treat Ali with that way. I can not understand why he acted like he wrote paper at the beginning of the story. What a brave person. Why did he want to talk paper that he didn’t write with Ali? He’s insane, I feel sorry for him somehow. Ali was disappointed at him so bad.
If I were Ali, I would bit him up. What kind of person can act like that? Ali was not good either from beginning because he didn’t write paper either, however, He did not lie about paper like Nachman. At the end, both of them act just like normal. But I can tell how Nachman felt shame toward Ali. Ali would not see Nachman again.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Nachman changes his mind

I think that Nachman did not write Ali’s paper. Even though Nachman write the paper, he would not give Ali. After having a dinner with Ali, because he is hurt Ali. Nachman might think that Ali have to pay attention to his paper although Ali has tried bribe and ask to write for him. But Ali is unconcerned about the paper, just he wants to talk about his girlfriend and anything else. Nachman is disappointed in the kind of Ali’s action. Additionally, if Nachman write the paper, Ali might think that if I give him money, Nachman would write a paper next time. And Ali could think money can do everything. So, even though Nachman needs a little of money, he could not write the paper. Nachman change his mind the kind of reason. I think that Nachman is immoral because at the beginning he tried to write the paper for him although at the end he changes his mind.

Brave Nachman

He was brave. Despite of some thousand of dinning that he received, Nachman did not write the paper. I guess it was not easy. If I were him, I would write the paper anyway because I could not see that Ali ruined his graduation plan. So, at the first time, I wished he noticed it to Ali early, so Ali can have chance to finish own paper. However, I found out that the early notice just give time that find another Nachman to Ali. Also Nachman figured out there is nothing he felt guilty about refusing the ghostwriting. Acting moral person needs strong heart. After I understood that Nachman was brave, I liked him. However, I guess he was lucky about that Ali did not hire a muscle guy to beat him. Well, is it the reason that he lied that he sent the paper? Than, he was even smart as well as brave.

Nachman didn't write a paper.

First, I did not even realize whether he wrote a paper or not. Actually I thought that he wrote the paper, but there were some problems in the process of deliver. After I review the story, I can get it. In fact, he didn’t even write one word. I cannot understand his mind. Nachman is really a strange guy. I though to myself hardly, then I conclude that he did it out of his mind, not on purpose. I think that Nachman did not want to betray Ali, but he did not want to do incorrect things neither. Both ideas made him did weird things such as imaginary act. He did not do it, but he thought he did it. So I think that he pass through dissociation of consciousness. He is just a normal people and he was able to finish the paper. He had an ability enough to make it. I think that it’s kind of temporary mental problem. In conclusion, both Nachman and Ali are poor guys.

I can say that

After I read all of story, I can conclude that Nachman didn’t write the paper. Although he read the book, he didn’t write it. At the first time, he decided to write the paper and organized it. However, he changed his mind after he had had dinner with Ali. There are two reasons why Nachman changed his mind. First of all, Nachman was interested in talking about the paper with Ali, but Ali didn’t pay attention it. Nachman thought that Ali didn’t care him and he was shameful from Nachman. Nachman was disappointed in Ali and upset. The second, Nachman might think that he was different from Ali. Ali was prince and rich but Nachman was just poor student. Nachman might be envious of Ali. Therefore, Nachman is just person who couldn’t finish the paper because of reasons above.

It's hard to say......

At the end of the story I think that Nachman did not write the paper and never sent it to Ali. What he said about sending the paper to Ali’s house from his mom’s house all was a lie. He made it up because he had not finished the paper and you can say that he even not started it yet.

I think there are 3 possible reasons which can be conclude from the article why Nachman did not write the paper and lie to everyone. First I think that probably he hasn’t done reading the books about Bergson so he did not have enough information that he could write about. Another possible reason made Nachman not to write the paper probably because after the meeting with Ali in the restaurant made Nachman changed his mind. He felt like Ali did not care much about the contents of the paper. What Ali wants was the finished paper. Nachman first thought that Ali really interesting in the paper but because of Ali attitude toward the paper not the same as what Nachman expected, this led to Nachman changed his decision. The last possible reason is probably he really felt that helping someone write his/her paper was wrong and this made him stop helping Ali to write a paper. But why did he lie to all the people? Was it because he did not want to ruin the friendship relationships? Moreover, at the end he seemed disappointed, and he felt like he, himself, had made a wrong choice not to help Ali to write his paper. He wished that he had really sent the paper to Ali, but he did not.

In conclusion I think the best reason that made Nachman not wrote the paper is he felt desperate because Ali attitude toward the paper is not what Nachman expected. Nachman wanted to talk about his ideas, but Ali did not want to listen. All Ali wanted was the finished paper. And this made Nachman changed his mind. I think not because of right or wrong.

Nacman is not morale person.

I think that Nachman really wrote the papers. Because he mentioned that he liked the topic. But I don't think he had brought and gave it to Ali. He was about to give it to him, but I think he really didn't actually give it to him by saying that he didn't do it. Makin some other excuses. And that way the story could give a lesson to other readers. The reason he wrote it was because he really actually love about the thinkers of Metaphysics. But I don't think he is moral person. Eventhough he had not turn the papers to Ali, he was interested in Ali in for wron reason. Even Ali wasn't kind to him he was just trying to bribe him. So, with this reason I don't think Nachman is a morale person.

Nachman with no paper!

I think Nachman didn’t finish the paper, not because he was lazy or couldn’t finish it, because he didn’t feel right about it. Nachman wasn’t after the money or power, he was more likely to be good and moral person. In other hand his friend Norbert needed money and he would do any thing to convinced Nachman to write the paper for Ali. Nachman had to challenge himself because in one hand he couldn’t do something immoral and in the other hand he felt bad for Ali and he wanted to help him. When I was reading this story, I had a feeling Nachman and Ali both didn’t want to talk about the paper, because Ali had bad feeling about whole situation. They acted normal towards each other, but Ali deep down inside knew Nachman wouldn’t do such thing. Ali had some hope, but Nachman in the end showed him he couldn’t do it.

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Nachman is an insane chicken

At the end of the story, Nachman acted like an insane chicken. I think he didn’t write the paper, but he pretended he did. At the end, he even wanted to convince himself he did write it. That sounds insane for me. If he didn’t want to write for Ali, he can talk to Ali. However, he didn’t have bravery to against Ali who presented so charming to him. In my opinion, Nachman didn’t write a word for the paper because he felt bad during the dinner. Although Ali wanted to treat Nachman as a royal guest, what Nachman felt was Ali tried to show-off. Moreover, I don’t think what Nachman did can be judged moral or not. He just the one used to lived on the boundary. He made the deal because he couldn’t disappoint Ali; he broke the promise because he wanted to upset Ali. Both of these decisions were made emotionally.

end with many question marks

I thought that he did not begin to write the paper. Therefore, he did not post anything but he pretended like he sent it. I do not know why but maybe he felt sorry about himself since he did not have the same opportunities like Ali. In other words, he was jealous about Ali. Since Ali made him feel sorry, he wanted to see Ali unhappy. If I were Nachman, I may feel the same way but I totally agree with Huseyin. In my opinion he is an immoral person. When you give promises to someone you must keep them. I do not like the attitude of both Nachman and Ali to Sweeny. This story is a very interesting one with many uncertainties.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blog 10

The end of the story is very interesting. Nachman tries to find that the post about paper which he never wrote and posted it. He hardly remembers that he didn’t write about even one word. I don’t know that Nachman was made it deliberately or not. Ali and Norbert wanted from Nachman to write a paper for Ali, which was an immoral request. Nachman accepted this immoral work. To write paper, he borrowed some books from library about Henry Bergson’ Metaphysics and he read them during two weeks. But, he never wrote it. If anybody was promised to make anything, he might make it. Furthermore, he made as if he wrote and posted it to Ali from his mother home. Although he didn’t write it, he was behaved as if he had written it. This behavior is immoral, too. I think, Nachman actually didn’t write the paper. Because, he couldn’t wrote this paper. If he could have written the paper, he had written it. As Ali and Norbert, Nachman is seen interesting person, too. His behaviors are interesting. He can tell some lies. The other interesting subject is that Nachman’s attitude to Sweeny. It is unusual. At the end of the story, he remembered Ali’s handsome face. What is this mean? I don’t know. Although Nachman don’t want meet to Sweeny, Ali had been sanded Sweeny to Nachman’s House to ask his paper. Why? I don’t understand.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nachman Part. III (Final)

Hi everyone,
This is the last blog.

At the end of the story, how do you feel about Nachman? Do you think he actually wrote the paper? If not, why didn't he write it? Do you consider him a moral person or just someone who couldn't finish the paper?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ivan and Cate

Monday, November 21, 2005

Ali's plan on Nachman

I think the reason that Ali and Nachman seem nervous while they had a dinner because they don’t have anything in common; unlike Ali who cares only fun, Nachman is a serious guy. Nachman doesn’t know anything about Ali’s world or social circle; in the same time, Ali also doesn’t know anything about Nachman’s world. However, Ali has to use Nachman for writing his assignment paper, so he just wants to make Nachman feel that he is such a nice guy. He is sincere and he can get along with everyone no matter who they are, rich or poor. But he doesn’t know anything that Nachman interest so he might think that a girl’s topic is easy to talk to a man, especially to a man like Nachman. Because Nachman seem to be alone, isolated and sometimes like a nerd. Moreover, Sweeny is a very attractive woman whom Ali thinks that hardly anyone can resist her charming. But for Ali, Sweeny means nothing; just another factor that makes him look cool and rich, so he wants to share Sweeny to Nachman. It’s like a guarantee that Nachman would feel eagerly to do his paper, if Nachman get a crush on Sweeny. Furthermore, I think the reason that Ali took Nachman to the fancy restaurant and gave him the expensive food, wine, port and cigar was because Ali wants Nachman to become like Norbert whom he can buy with money; if Nachman starts to like this kind of living, he would have to use a lot of money. Then, he will do anything for the money such as continually doing another paper for Ali.

Ali and Nachman

Two people who have different background meet at the same restaurant
. Ali is a rich and Nachman doesn't. Nachman wasn’t comportable at all. Because luxury restaurant where he rarely had been, Ali’s expensive clothes.
Nachman was really excited when he met Ali but Ali was not as excited as Nachman did. During meeting, Nachman definitely wants to talk about the paper, however, Ali is not interested paper at all.
Ali mentioned his girl Sweeny quite many times. He doesn’t seem like to talk about paper with Nachman because Nachman knows more than he does.
I think that If Nachman has interested on Sweeny. Ali could exchange Her with final paper and he mentioned about other things but Nachman does not interested those things at all. After all, they realized that they can’t continue talk anymore because they have different purpose and interest to each other.

difference from Ali and Nachman

Ali and Nachman feel very nervous in each other because the meeting purpose and background are different. When Nachman and Ali meet, Nachman wants to discuss about Ali’s paper, but Ali was unconcerned with his paper, and he just wants to talk about his girlfriend, Sweeny. They meet in a luxury restaurant in order to have a dinner. Ali is rich man, so if he wants to go to the deluxe restaurant, he always is able to go. However, Nachman never can go this kind of restaurant before because of a poor, so he felt awkward for having a dinner. in addition, Ali wore a party dress that suits restaurants atmosphere, but Nachman wore old and shabby clothes. And Ali brings his girlfriend in the restaurant because of comfortable communication. He just wants to gossip about friend’s information because he does not know anything about the paper. These things made angry in each other.

Power game

Lack of ability to write own paper is Ali’s weak point and fortune is Ali’s strong point. I think this is the reason why they keep coming back to talking about the girl. Ali does not want to let Nachman says about paper, but brag of what he got – money and an incredible piece. I think Ali wants to show who is a boss, so Ali makes Nachman does Ali’s paper. Fortune and beauty are the traditional ways that a male shows his power to others. Look at Donald J. Trump and his daughter-like wife. It looks hilarious, but we all know he has strong power that even can make exceptional beauty lives with the agley old. Also, giving big freebies is good way that make a person can not refuse giver’s favor. In conclusion, Ali prepares dining-out as the way that overwhelms Nachman and does not want to give a chance that Nachman can be a higher position. If Ali wants to be a friend with Nachman, I do not think Ali prepares that extreme dinner.

Nachman dislike his elegant anymore.

I think the difference of their backgrounds made them nervous each other. Ali has lots of money and power, but Nachman does not have. Before they went to dinner, Nachman supposed to talk everything about paper to Ali with pleasure, because he liked Ali and his manner. But he changed his mind on the way to have dinner. All of his action which is too noble made him be resentful to Ali. He might think that Ali is arrogant too much. Even though he had asked Nachman to do his paper, he is so elegant. It made Nachman bad mood. I can find it when Nachman changed his mind that he would tell him about paper, after he saw Ali’s poor face. He wanted to see his confusion. In the other hand Ali want to talk about the paper, but he could not easily talk about the paper, because of his unfair paper and he worried that Nachman is unpleasant about it. It is why he talked about Ali’s girlfriend. He wanted to make a mood easy to talk about paper and please Nachman. The main reason is that Ali grew up in the wealthy classes, so he is not familiar with dealing people. He just thought that money makes Nachman happy. But it brought out opposite situation. These things made them nervous during the conversation.

Do you know why?

I think that Ali feel nervous because he afraid that the restaurant, the arrangement he made, and the meal – fish soup, wine, port, cigar, he ordered, do not suit what Nachman wants or likes since this is his the first time dine with Nachman, and he probably doesn’t know what Nachman likes. Another, factor that makes Ali nervous probably is he cares about how Nachman will think about him or his personality; therefore he try to find something to say or tell Nachman. But, after Ali knows that Nachman likes what he arranged and ordered, he feels relieved.

In Nachman situation, I think that he feel nervous because of the situation he never experienced in – fancy cloth Ali wears, fancy restaurant, wine, port, cigar, and people dine at that restaurant are seemed like high class people. Compare to Ali, Nachman only wears jacket with white shirt under it and jean to that formal fancy restaurant. I will say that Nachman mostly feel uncomfortable dine with Ali at that fancy restaurant not just feel nervous. I think another factor causes Nachman uncomfortable and nervous is because Ali is talking about his girlfriend, Sweeny, all the time without any intention wanting to hear about his paper. It seems like for Nachman, Ali is an arrogant person, and they are very different in their status. Those lead to Nachman changes his mind to talk about the paper and add that Ali seems like he doesn’t want to listen about the paper, Bergson, or metaphysics, too. He just wants to hear that the paper is done or finished. Therefore, Ali just keeps telling and discussing his girlfriend to Nachman.

Ali and Nachman

I think that Ali and Nachman are nervous because for the two reasons. They are that they don't trust each other and they feel quilty about it. Because they were not a friend before this academic misconduct situation, they couldn't trust. Ali is trying to be nice to Nachman because he doesn't want him not to write the papers. That is why he is trying to act specially good on him. And Nachman is nervous because of the fact that he feels guilty and he have affection toward Ali. I am not really sure why they are mentioning about the Ali's girlfriend. But I think it's kind of saying that Ali's girlfriend is that beautiful so maybe if you be nice to Ali he could hook up with you for someone. All I know is that Ali is trying to bribe Nachman until the paper ends well. And keep his eye on him so that he wouldn't expose the plagiarism.


i thing Nachman is confused, since he knows Ali's a prince. Because prince is some body important to be around to. I believe that's are Nachmam feels. he concidere him self has a lower class level with nothing on his table ,and a low self esteen like him. To have a prince by him side and call him at home. He thinks that's incredible to him.
writing a paper free for the prince can make them friends for ever.In my opinion I think that's how Nachman think.

Ali's the one that keep mentions his girl friends name. Nachman doesn't seem to much intresting, his intresting is how much Ali's paying to the restaurent, every thing are fabulus there , the services the food he ever have before in his life, the drink the alcohols the environements and the place that's make him so proud of him self to there with the prince Ali. I don't know the reason why when Ali's brings the paper up he is not responde, in my mind I think he want's to know first who is Ali, in the fisrt place, a prince with alots of back ground who want his help in writing, he my be thinking in his mind that can be a trap, because he read the books for the writing but he never write a sentence, and he promised to do it. I don't know what is confused Nachman , but i know there is a confusion in there. he could be inspire by Ali, or he could be scare to write the paper.

Ali and Nachman

There were two different people, Ali and Nachman. They were different both personality and socio-economic features. Ali and Nachman were going to dinner at the expensive restaurant which one of them never went to like a luxury restaurant before. Actually, they were planed to speak about a paper at the dinner. But, they had to speak other things that are boring. Ali's and Nachman's socio-economic levels are so different. They were going to dinner by Ali's limousine. Ali was wearing extreme costly and smart clothes, on the other side Nachman wearied old and inappropriate clothes to dinner at the luxurious restaurant. Hence, he feels himself a comic man. In addition, Ali disturbed Nachman with says. Despite Nachman got on a comfortable car and went to a luxury restaurant, he fairly uncomfortable due to dialogs with Ali. There were a kind of quarrel between Ali and Nachman. Ali was trying to feel to him that theirs socio-economic levels were different. Despite there needn't to talk about Swenny, Ali talks about Swenny. Ali didn't want to tell about his homework. He preferred to flaunt by telling about her beautiful and well-known girlfriend. There was a sneered when Nachman talked about Sweeny, who was Ali's girlfriend. Thus, they had to speak irrelevant subjects on.

Unbalance both of them

In my opinion about why they feel nervous in each other because they come from different background ,they don't have anything alike in thier common life and second, they don't know in each other wells.I think these 2 reasons can make anyone feel nervous in each other.Moreover, with had a dinner in place like Chez Monsieur ,an elegant place for people like Ali or wealthy people,i believe student like Nachman can feel awkward or nervous because he doesn't know this place and never had a dinner in place like this in his life.

From the story, Nachman and Ali are came from different background ,prince and commons.they was raise in different living styles.So ,when Ali choose restuarant ,he choose place where he get used to it and can feel that he's a controller,not Nachman.I think Ali knew that he do not know anything about papers so ,he don't want to talk about it.All he concerned are when he get and when it finish?.Because he doesn't know anything about Bergson ,so that's why he keep change topic to Sweeny's ,his girlfriend, what he can proud of and know that Nachman can feel lower than him or feel jealious and Ali know that he can show off with his girlfriend.

So,conclusion, Nachman feel nervous because his outwear,jean and shirt incontrast to Ali in dinner suit.Moreover, Nachman feel uncomfortable in a place like Chez Monsieur but Ali feel control because he knew this place well because he's rich man who grew up in this living style.
Nachman want to talk about papers because it's only thing that he knews well and make he feel better in this situation but Ali want to talk about Sweeny because Sweeny is one thing that he knew well and proud of or can compete Nachman .

Nachman is confused!

Nachman and Ali went to fancy restaurant. At first Nachman was intimidated by fact that Ali is very rich and have good manners. Nachman have never been in a place like that and he was shocked. After they sat down and Ali started conversation, Nachman was still thinking about finding a way to tell him, he is not going to do Ali’s paper. In the other hand Ali was trying to ignore the fact that Nachman wasn’t happy to this from beginning. The reason Ali brought his cheerleader girlfriend up so many times, because he was trying to seduce Nachman with her attractiveness and beauty. Nachman wasn’t sure what to say and to do, therefore he just listen to Ali’s non-sense. Ali was trying so hard to impress Nachman with his money and power. Ali didn’t like to hear no from Nachman, he was too arrogant and air-headed to understand that. Nachman felt like he got himself in to so much agony and misery. Ali pointed out his girlfriend so many times; it is almost sound like he was trying to sale her to Nachman for the price of the paper. I think that was very strange conversation between these two. Ali brought another twisted way to go around simple thing such as asking Nachman for final paper.

The difference between Ali and Nachman

When Ali and Nachman met, they felt nervous each other because they had totally different purpose to meet and their background. Nachman was excited to talk about paper when they met. However, Ali wasn’t interested in paper and wanted to talk about his girlfriend, Sweeny. Also, Nachman was poor and had never been luxury restaurant. He was uncomfortable for having dinner at expensive restaurant. He realized that Ali had basically different thinking from him. Ali was shameful because of Nachman’s wearing. Ali sometimes controlled their conversation. While they felt difference from each other, they were nervous. Ali wanted to meet Nachman and sweeny together because he wanted to flaunt intelligent Nachman to Sweeny.

They were so different..

In the story, Nachman from Los Angelos from 238 to 244, the first of all, the reasons I think they are so nervous, they have so different purpose of meeting each other. Nachman would like to discuss Ali’s paper. In contrast, Ali just wanted to have dinner with Nachman. Moreover, Ali thought that it served for his paper rather than Nachman, himself.
So, they first met to go the restaurant, Ali was wearing a dinner jacket, in contrast to Nachman was wearing his old gray tweed jacket, jeans. They were too different to share their socio-economic states, experiences and interest each other. For example, with looking at Nachman’s inappropriate attire, Ali indirectly felt that he looked shameful about Nachman’s attire and thought Nachman as intelligently unlike him. Also, Nachman also got feel inconvenient to Ali’s wealthy. Although it might explicitly not come out the story, there was the big gap between the two. These differences made it difficult to share a lot interests or information.

Secondly, the reasons they don’t discuss the paper, earlier, Nachman had been eager to talk about the paper. However, Nachman was overwhelmed from Ali’s wealth such as an expense restaurant, wine and port, and a Cuban cigar. So, he first didn’t easily adapt to these atmosphere because he had never experience during his life. He just followed Ali’ action and talk about. As time goes by, Nachman felt that Ali looked splendid and triumphant as if he swaggered. Also, Ali hadn’t listened to anything about the paper. For example, Nachman is on the point of talking about the paper; Ali moved their talking toward Sweeny, who is his girlfriend. Ali was totally not interested in his paper. And Ali treated Nachman only for his paper. So they can’t discuss his paper more than that and it made Nachman disappointment. In the long run, they can’t discuss Ali’s paper because of different positions each other.

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