Monday, October 31, 2005

I like my class

I am doing fine so far. Comparing with previous English classes, it does not kill me with heavy works nor bore me with lose schedule. In fact, I think I am enjoying it. Thank TA Ivan and my 106 classmates. What I like the best about class is friendly and interesting atmosphere. It makes students want to talk. I think it is hard to achieve in international group since they are not comfortable to express their thought in English and shy. Also, I like the schedule that gives me constant writing work. It makes me feel English composition friendly without big pain. The topic of class, plagiarism is very proper to me, I think. I really thank knowing all detail about plagiarism. It is common trouble that international student can confront since they do not know well about plagiarism and way to avoid it. However, can we have more charming topic for blog works? I mean irresistible topic to answer.

About the class

I think that this class is hard but useful for me because whenever I had my homework, I felt difficulty and improvement. when I had summary homework at the first time, I didn't know how I should do. when I got feedback, I recognized my homework almost wrong. however, although the homework was getting harder, I felt that my ability was improving whenever I completed my homework because I learned how to summary in the class and exercised by homework. This method is definitely useful for me and will be helpful for me. Although I am satisfied with the class, I desire that I want to know how to write article. I want to learn it for the rest time of this class.

Reflect this course

I think that English 106 is good course in order to improve English such as writing, and grammar. Also when I learned to plagiarize, I gave my word that I never would be plagiarism which is a dangerous behavior in university. And paraphrase is good ways due to avoid a plagiarism. Tutoring gave many helpful to us. For example, when I make a mistake or not correctly some part, after teacher corrects wrong parts, I rewrite. I think it is best ways to improve writing. I want to suggest that we need to read a book which is chosen the instructor. Reading can see many vocabularies, basic form, and get an abundance of knowledge. In generally, this class gave many helpful to us, and interesting.

What can I say!

I like this course a lot. I do learn so many things how to write a better paper, how to make a better understanding of my paper and how to paraphrase and all the different trick you can do. Also I learn so much about plagiarism and not getting accidentally involved in plagiarism activities. It is very important to know all the different ways to avoid plagiarism by using quotation and mentioning the sources. By reading the different articles and cases, I have better understanding about the whole idea of academic misconduct. If I want to turn in any paper for my class, I would think twice and make sure everything is ok as far as plagiarism goes. In general I’m happy to take this class, it is fun, helpful and I found many new friends in my class. Definitely I get a lot of benefit from this course, the grammar rules are very helpful and good reminders. At the end I would say I looking forward to take 107 courses next quarter and continue learning how to write. I liked this course

The course 106 English

The course 106 English which I am taking now has let me rethink over the basics of the english grammar. Although I have been taught at this level years ago, it was refreshing. The most facinating fact I learned throughout this course until now is to learn about the plagiarism. I have never realized that plagiarizing is big issue like this. I just had overheard before, that the universities in U.S.A is more strict about the plagiarism. Knowing and learning the ways of how to avoid the plagiarism was also good to learn. And ofcourse, watching a movie during the class was interesting too.

Comment for 106 class

I think I learn a lot in this class even though I have taken english class before at CSCC. I guess learning never has its limit. Every time you take a class you learn new stuffs. I do not have many suggestions for this class since this is the basic english class for people to learn english; therefore, this class is good the way it is. The 106 class gives me more understanding of plagiarism. The blogger helps me improve my writing, and the tutorial, which is provided outside the class time, helps me learn or know my mistakes. Another helpful thing is, reviewing grammar structures in the class. I think they help me a lot to refresh my mind even though I've learned them many times before. But, one thing that needs to add for this class is I think that we need to have more homework, such as assign to read more short articles.
I'm sorry that I do not have many suggestions or comments for this class, but I really learn new stuffs in this class. Thank you.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


It was a very interesting subject actually I was not expecting. I think that the most important fact about this course is the instuctor, Cate, otherwise it may be very boring for me. I enjoy being in the class but I agree with my classmate that the class hours are not enough. I can also say that Cate makes me feel self confident. Because of her attitude I do not hesitate to share my ideas with my friends.
In addition, the class content is very important since i have a little idea about plagiarism and how to avoid it. Learning real stories and watching movies are very fun. Learning and writing different types of summaries are also beneficial. Blog himmm i am not sure about that. Sometimes it is good to be forced ... I must accept that my writing is improved a lot by being aware of connecting and reporting words. In the end, I hope I will have a big process.

Reaction for Blog #6

I am glad to being able to provide a feedback of our class. As folks know, I am deaf (I prefer hearing impairment to deaf). So, I have many difficulties learning in other classes as well as in our class. However, I love OSU and our class. I love to learn from anything. It is the only the way I make me happy. I hated English writing when I was in Korea. I had got to stress and afraid of writing because of my poor English ability. However, through our class, I became to get more confident in my writing. Also, I feel that the Blog site is very useful to see and share other people’ opinion for me. Tutorial made it easy to improve my grammar mistake. Moreover, my major is Education and I got a lot of summarizing regarding another class every week. Our class helped me to improve my paper. But I don’t sure to the difference between informative and indicative summary. Of course, I know and perceive the aspect of both definitions. However, I still don’t make sure about writing approach method such as words choosing and paragraph structure. Also, I want to deal with more English grammar to my teacher. Sometimes, I think that our class is too short to discuss and learn our class content. Of course, although I like and enjoy meeting with my friend in class everyday, I don’t think that it is efficiently in aspects of teaching time.
More important, I can’t make to discuss our class myself. Because I am supported real-time captioning from OSD, it is too slow to catch teacher and classmates’ speaking.
Sometimes, I am boring during class.
I would like to suggest a few things better in the remaining our class.
I want to see my classmates’ face during class. Because I can’t hear their voice, I should be watch computer screen. So I didn’t know who is speaking during class.
When I saw them a moment, the computer with screen already go to next page. So, I thought that if my classmate sits round the desk, it will be more help to me. I think that it makes it easy to know who is speaking. The other thing, I want to write important points on board such as homework and class content of the day as much as possible. Anyway, my class is very absorbing. Thank you. I’ll see guy on Monday.

This class is ...

I think writing is difficult for me. I have tried to be good at writing but I am not sure whether I improve. After midterm test, I was disappointed with myself. But now I realized that I didn’t do my best in English in spite of my hope. It is clear that the class was helpful for me. And it made me know about plagiarism exactly and I could learn especially how I can avoid it. I am satisfied with my class contents such as complement about grammar, articles about plagiarism, summarizing and paraphrasing. Tutoring was also good for me to learn what I didn’t know exactly and could get a chance to ask teacher about improving English. What I want to ask for class is that I just want to deal with many kinds of articles in class. I think it will be helpful for writing and I can have more chances to write.

About this class.

This course, Edu T&L 106, is the lowest course in ESL, which means I can tell my writing skill. Anyway I really like and enjoy this course so far with nice teacher and people. The purpose of this class is about giving idea of plagiarism. In this course, they’re giving concept of what is plagiarism. And how not to occur that mistake it in college;
I learned a lot about what is plagiarism in this course. I thought I knew about plagiarism before I took this course but it wasn’t. Plagiarism is more comprehensive and complicated. It’s not simply copying and pasting from the internet.
Other thing I really like in this class is tutorial with really nice teachers. Teacher points out my mistakes and give some advises what to fix, add or delete. So I would know what I did wrong and where I did make mistakes.
Overall I love to take this class for my English. There’s lots of things to learn in this course.

Blog 6-Edu T&L 106 G

The course, Edu T&L 106 G, has been continuing very good conditions for me. Although I couldn’t speak very well in the class, I feel that my writing abilities improved during this course. I write it only I can, I can’t write all wants completely yet, but I can write the more true, the more fast, the more confidence, and the better now than the first days at course.

Tutorial times are good for me to see my mistakes about writing. To correct my mistakes in writing English, it is necessary to seen its. In addition to the course, a particularly tutorial activity helps me to do this. You have us make some homework and blog. Blog and homework are forcing us to make some activities about to read, to understand, and to write in English. This is very good, the more we make homework and blog, the more we learn from these activities. May be, my class friends will angry to me, because they are taking some other courses and they have to work for this courses, too. But, this is true, I think so. My friends have to write their thesis and articles. These abilities are necessary to write them.

Learning environment in the class is very suitable. In the course, on the one hand we are improving our writing ability, and on the other hand we are learning about academic ethic. You are teaching good subjects for us. In addition to present class activity, it would be give more time focus on made general mistakes by students. Some personal mistakes would discuss in the tutorial times. Anyway, this is making now.

You are giving to us after the class time to make meet possible to you about the course. Although I hardly ever used before this possibility, this is a big chance for students. And we can write to you e-mail. That is fine, too.

Thank you.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

in my opinion about journal 6

In my opinion about this class, at first, when you tal about plagiarism...i think..What is it?
i never heard this word before and i just know the real definition of this word when i study with you. I think it's really important and it's good to know. With this class , it really benefit to me especailly writing , i know my writing is wo weak but i think after i took this class, i think it would be better and improved. Sometime, i feel bored with plagiarism's idea and lesson but i think it must be very important that's why you must teach us several weeks.

There are something i don't like in this class is timing, i think it's too short for us to study.
I feel when everyone get ready and have some chats ( including you taling with us..which is great)we lost 10 minute and we have 38 minutes left. what could we do woth this time? that's sad. And i think when someone want to talk or share opinion...sometime we don't have much time to do that ( maybe i asks too much ...so sorry)

About size of class...i really enjoy with the number of people in my class...small and warmth feeling... i feel this is on;y class that helps me improve speaking too.

Oh yes, one more thing...i learn sign language from Chong min which is really enjoy and make me feel goood....d Thanks Chong min


comment on 106G

Before I take this course, I wasn’t sure about what plagiarism is; this course teaches me the definition of it and also shows me some cases of plagiarism which are very interesting and could be benefit for me. Moreover, I think this course helps me on writing; I learn how to cite the other work and how to write summary. I think it’s good that we can write every week. Also, the number of students in class is not too much so everyone has a chance to talk and I can easily share my opinion with friends in class. The students in class come from different country so it’s very interesting to know their opinions or ideas because sometimes people from different places have different point of view which is maybe useful for other people.

However, I feel that class schedule is not so impressing. We have class everyday but 48 minutes each. I think 48 minutes is too short, sometimes I see that the students in class have just started sharing their ideas but the time has ended. I think it would be better if we have class not everyday but spend a little more time on one day. Furthermore, I think that in some week, it’s hard to write respond to friends’ blog because the topic to discuss has the same details to talk, so it’s like some repetition of our own work.

Friday, October 28, 2005

It's a hard choice to make.....

After I read a few article and watch a movie about plagiarism, those gives me an insight of who should I defense. I know that I keep changing my mind about who is wrong or guilty, and the punishment that is suitable for the plagiarists. Since, I was asked to choose one person to defense from those three people – Haley, Marita and Jamal, I think that I will defense Haley. I know that even though the mistakes she did were consciousness because she already got probation and failing grade for her writing assignment which was accused of plagiarism; however, she still did the same mistake for second time because she didn’t know that she will be expelled from the school. If she knew that she will be expelled, I think that she would not do the same mistake for second time. I think her school should let students know the consequences of getting caught of plagiarism. Probably her teacher did not pay attention, give explanations or work with her when she got caught for the first time. Instead of that, the teacher simply just gave her failing grade and probation for what she did. Moreover, I think the school should give student three chances before expulsion and provide all the consequences students will get of being caught. After knowing that, I think that she, actually all students, would not do that. I know that my argument is so weak, but still the school should give her third chance before the expulsion.

Blog #6

Hey Folks,

This weekend we would like you to take some time and reflect on the midterm and the course (106 or 106G) and give us some feedback.

Reflect more on the course content, activities, etc. rather than us, the instructors. Don't worry! You'll have your opportunity to evaluate us at the end of the quarter. Right now help us to know how we can help you better in the remaining weeks of the quarter.

As always, have a great weekend,

Cate and Ivan

I defend Marita.

If I should select one of three to defend a case, I will choose Marita because she didn’t know the fact that she plagiarized. I think that when she wrote her paper, she used knowledge gotten in school and didn’t exactly know what plagiarism is. Also, she never thought that she plagiarized. However, the cases of Haley and Jamal were different from Marita’s. They knew the mean of plagiarism and the fact that they plagiarized. Specially, although Haley had plagiarized in the past and been punished, she repeated her fault. Jamal also got help from Forester in introduction and submitted his paper without modifying. As a result, he was accused of plagiarism because his paper is similar to Forester’s article. Therefore, it is reasonable for me to defend Marita because of theses reasons above.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I go with Marita~!!

I choose Marita to the one who should be advocated. The reason why I choose Marita is that her plagiarism case looks relatively small against other two. Hayley made same plagiarism twice, so her guilt is obvious to me. Jamal broke the rule with Forrester that all writing should be kept in Forrester’s room. Also that is not originally for the class, but for private tutoring. Technically he should ask his professor that he can turn that work for the class. Therefore, Marita’s plagiarism is the closest case to accidental plagiarism.
Marita’s plagiarism is one of sample cases that every freshman students can make due to lack of knowledge. She did not be well taught about way to avoid plagiarism in high school. In universities, plagiarism is academic misconduct that should be seriously treated. However, a school is the place of learning, so teaching what is plagiarism is also what university should do before kicking students out of school. Additionally, from early age, Marita has been encouraged to not mention her opinion unless it is certainly good. All reasons are good enough to give her second chance, I believe.

I choose Marita

If I had a chance to defend one of three students, I would defend Marita without hesitation. In my opinion, the most important point to be considered in choosing Marita is that they did plagiarism whether on purpose or not. Haley did plagiarize, in spite of knowing about what plagiarism is. Jamal was also aware of plagiarism but he turned in the paper which he started to write with Forrester’s work. He just didn’t know that it had been published. It means that he knew that it was wrong to quote someone’s work. Comparing with other’s cases, Even though she did plagiarism, she didn’t have a correct definition of plagiarism. Moreover it was her first time to get caught by plagiarism. She also had been educated from her father to uncreative person. It is why I choose Marita. If she got another chance to do her assignment, she would do well.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I would choose Jamal.

If I had to choose someone whom I want to defense, I would like to choose Jamal. It's because Jamal had his work done himself and no one educate him what the plagiarism is about before. Because he was black at the private school, he had to go through the racisim too. Even only that is very hard. But the best reason I would like to denfend Jamal's side is that he choosed not to betray William Forrester. Because of what he had promised to do, he had to make himself in a jeopardize. It was a courageous thing to do. I give a million credit on that action of what he did. On the other hand Marita, and Haley eventhough the harsh punishment from the school, they plagiarized by using the other people's sources. They just forgot the way to avoid the plagiarism in 100%. In Jamal's case it was really because of Proffessor Robert Crawford why he got caught plagiarizing. And even maybe because of William Forrester because he told not to say anything about his life to Jamal. Anyhow, I conclude that Jamal is a courage man and he doesn't deserve any of this hard crisis.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The rich also needs chance.

I would like to defend for Haley.

Comparing Haley’s, Marita’s and Jamal’s backgrounds and situations, Haley looked most devious and unforgivable. However, I think that as a student Haley also has the right to make some mistakes and the lesson she took was too harsh. I would like to defend in three contexts.

First, Haley was 16, in other words, it was her first year in high school. What did she learn during this year? High school is the first step of academic field, comparing with the fundamental studies in elementary and junior high school. I believe that even in the finest private school, students in 16-year-old are still unwell-educated in academic writing. They might know something, but not everything.

Second, comparing with other two situations, I don’t think rich is anything wrong that makes Haley deserved the punishment. Although barren education resources made us sympathize Jamal’s and Marita’s situations, Haley who had better resources was also ignorant. Haley plagiarized in two different ways. She changed her technique, but still thought she was taking risk. That’s because she did not know how to do it right. If she knew she could properly use other’s idea to support her own work by correct quotation without worried about plagiarism. How could she make the mistake twice? Therefore, I think she was not well educated by her first punishment and the second mistake was not all Haley’s fault.

Third, Haley should take responsibility to her misconduct, but not in this severe way. To a child from a perfect family, expulsion looks like an ink spot on white paper. It’s obvious in a snowy background. Generally speaking, Haley was not a bad student, only a lazy student. Did she need a lesson like that? I don’t think so.

I am glad that Jamal and Marita were acquitted from plagiarism. I think Haley deserved another chance too.

I would choose Jamal

If I would defend one of the three students, I would choose Jamal because he isn’t intentionally plagiarized and he just have suspected from his teacher because of his education and background, his own black and minority. In this movie, Jamal is black and from Bronx, which is the place live with poor black people together. He has accepted from a famous private high school as basketball player. Because he was an excellent student in the fields both basketball and writing (i,e, literature). However, his literature teacher (I just assumes that he is teacher in literature) ignored and suspected his extraordinary talent in writing. I think that one of the most important reasons he have doubt was his student educational background. I think that if he is white and from a rich background, his teacher will encourage his talent but suspect.
Of course, the first sentence wasn’t written by Jamal. But he didn’t know whether it was published in the past. Also, he wasn’t intentionally used. I think that it wasn’t plagiarized and was just educated under his situation. If Forrest don’t discover his talent, perhaps Jamal must be living as ordinary people, with hidden his ability. He already knew what black means in his life. It was just the only opportunity to being able to grow up more broaden and deepen sprite for him. I think that it is important that background is considered when anything happened but must not to jump to the conclusion only background.

To Defend Jamal

There are three different samples about plagiarism. These samples have some similarities and different features. Haley and Jamal are high school students, but Marita is a freshman in UCLA. Marita and Halley situations are real, but Jamal’s situation is a scenario. In addition, their socio-economic levels are different. Halley comes from a wealthy family, Halley and Jamal comes from poor SES. Halley’s family claimed Halley and started a campaign opposition to Hawken officials. Marita’ and Jamal’ family didn’t help them. But, Jamal’ has a well-informed friend help to him.
I think, anybody don’t want defend Halley. To defend Halley is harder than Jamal and Marita. If defended person is innocent, this situation may make easy work of defendant person. I prefer defended the Jamal, if I have to defend one of them. Because he is innocent about plagiarism, but the other persons, Marita and Halley, made plagiarism. Haley made it purposely, but Marita made it unintentionally. To defend innocent person may be more easy than the others situations. Jamal come across misunderstand. He don’t explain himself suitably to his literature teacher and school authorities. He misunderstands. If his teacher understood him truly, Jamal would be more creative student about literature. The literature teacher had to discovered Jamal's literature ability and contributed to improve it, but he made opposite of this. Despite Jamal had a good writing ability, he might be hate from literature and writing. Furthermore, accusation of plagiarism was effected his social life and basketball play. Johanson, Jamal’s informal teacher, helped to him. If there weren’t anybody help to him like Johanson, what would be? Therefore, in my opinion, to defended Jamal is more easy than the other two situations.

Marita is the one I chose

I will prefer Marita to defend. The reason is Haley and Jamal knew what they were doing on the contrary Marita did not. Haley totally understood that plagiarism is wrong and risky. Furthermore, Haley has all the opportunities to learn about plagiarism but she kept doing it since she was irresponsible about her homework. In addition, Jamal said that he would not have turned in the paper if he had known the article was published in The New Yorker. It means that he was aware of plagiarism. He chose it to prove his teacher his writing ability. On the other hand, the accusation was an unexpected event for Marita. She had no idea about why the assignment was considered as a plagiarized work. She used outside sources because of two reasons. First reason is her father’s sayings about expressing ideas and second reason is the lack of knowledge about academic work. She did cite but not all of them and she could not distinguish her work from the source. The event was a very good experience for her and she must have learned a lot. Since she was a very motivated student, she would not do it again for sure. I believe that she was on the right tack at least and by the help of the school she would be a perfect academician. Therefore, school’s response to Marita was right. Moreover, In Jamal‘s case I am totally disagree with the school’s attitude because they were unfair about the incident. Since Jamal was a very good basketball player, they would accept his excuse. I am sure that they did not show tolerance the other students like that. In my opinion, school must be objective about these decisions. After the movie, I thought that Haley’s school gave a consistent decision about her case.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Haley is the one that I defend. (surprise?)

If I were asked to defend one of three students, I would help Haley. The reason that I choose to defend her is that in this situation not only Haley but also the school would be helped. People may think that although Haley knew that what she was going to do was plagiarism, she still did and also she did it twice. However, the expulsion was too severe.

Comparing with two other cases which the punishments were not too hard, Marita had to write new assignment, while Jamal couldn’t enter the writing competition and had to write the apologized letter. However, I would not defend that Haley was not guilty but my intention is I want us to look at this situation as it was a problem that needed to be concerned by everyone. What actually made Haley plagiarized twice? How about the school responsibility in this case?

On her first mistake, Haley was on probation but did anyone told her what is the definition of plagiarism? And what would be the punishment, if she kept doing that? If the school taught her, she would not do it again. The expulsion was going to be really bad experience and also bad record in Haley’s life. Moreover, doubting on school’s decision by expelling the students without teaching them, the school would lose their reputation from angry parents. If the school gave Haley a chance and taught her, not only Haley would continue her student’s life happily but also the school would be admired by the other and would have another soft way to deal with plagiarism.

Friday, October 21, 2005

I will defend for Marita

If i have to choose to defends one of these 3 persons about plagiarism, i will defend for Marita.
I think Marita is the most innocent one if compare with everyone here.
Marita is plagiarizes without knowing what is exactly of plagiarism,she cames from the school that poor of education resources. She does not know how to refer someone else's idea to her work and she thinks it enough if she refers her resources in bibliography in her papers,she does not know it was wrong idea. I believe if she knows it was wrong, she will not did it.She is industrious and diligent student that's why university as UCLA university accepted her and i belives education is the only thing that make her life be better than she was,so she will not do anything that make her education get in risks.
Compare to Haley and Jamal, they already know what is meaning of plagiarism and they know what is the outcome if they sent plagiarized work. Haley take a risks because she afraid to get fail in her class and Jamal sent it because he does not know this work was published many years ago and he wants teacher,Robert Crawford,knows that he can write something good.Both of them did it with intentionally.So, I think both of them should get punishment from their action eventhough Jamal did it because he wants to prove his ability to biased teacher.
But he proves in appropiated way.Fortunately, he has someone as William Forrester defends for him unike Haley Lodge,she gots nobody.

Marita Case (last week)

In my opinion, marita plagiarizes with innocent mind and she does not has intention to do that.
Marita plagiarizes with misundestanding idea about what is plagiarism and does not know how to refer someone else's idea to her assignment. I thinks if she knows what is she doing was wrong and will make her in trouble, i believe she will not did that. Moreover,i think because she cames from not wealthy family and poor resources school, education is the only way to make money for her or gets a good job in the future,that's why she tries so hard to do well in every assignments she gots and make her plagiarizes with unintention mind.
In these two cases,Marita is different from Haley in everythiing.
Haley 's family is wealthy and she cames from good school in good environment.Haley is plagirizes with intention mind because she afraid of failing in her class. Haley plagiarizes twice and thinks she will never gets expell from school, i believe she think plagisrism is not a serious problem.But she thinks wrong,she was expelled.I believe Haley will not plagiarizes if she did her report with her discipline. About punishment, i believe Marita should gets second chance to do her assignment and she should have chnace to continues her study at UCLA.But in Haley, her punishment was too harch but i think she deserved it because if she doesn't gets this punishment, she will continued think that plagiarism is not serious problem and maybe she will thinks that she always have another chance to get through of this problem.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blog #5

Hi everyone,
We have learned about the three plagiarism cases in this class. If you were asked to defend one of the students, Haley, Marita, or Jamal, who would you choose to defend? Give reasons why you would want to defend that person.

Also, please respond to someone's blog.

Have a great weekend!

Ivan and Cate

Haley vs. Marita

I think the situation between Haley and Marita are different. Haley is a junior student who has got probation once on her writing assignment. Because she does not know that she will get expelled from the school, she repeats the same mistake for second time even though she knows that it is wrong. This leads to the expulsion. Is this too harsh for students? I think yes. It is not that school should not punish students for doing something wrong, but I think that school should let students know all the policy and punishment they will get and give three chances before expulsion from school. So, for Haley’s case, I guess she still has her last chance before she get expelled. If students really make a mistake or doing wrong, I think that punishment should be taken place so that other students won’t follow the same problems.
For Marita’s case, since she is a freshman, I guess punishment won’t be too harsh probably just get a failing grade for her assignment and yet this is her first time to get accused of plagiarism. Unlike Haley situation, in Marita situation, she does cite the sources that she is using, but she does not cite them properly. Haley does not cite the sources that she is using. She just paraphrases it and mixes with her own words.
After I think about it again, I think that both of them don’t know how to cite properly. In Haley’s case, she is caught once for plagiarism and about 20 percent of her assignment is cut and paste. And I guess after that event she learns that copy and paste is plagiarism, but she does not know that paraphrase is also plagiarism if she does not cite it properly that’s why she paraphrases it and not copy and paste for the second time. I guess she thinks that paraphrase is alright since she uses or mixes with her own words, and it’s not a plagiarism.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I think she is not guilty

In my opinion Marita is not guilty at all. although she plagiarized her paper, she did not know what she supposed to do. Probably she did not know she's doing wrong when she wrote her paper.
the big differance between Haley and Marita is that Haley committed same crime more than once. Marita was her first time to get caught with plagiarism.
So I strongly agree with Haley’s case that she got kicked out from high school. Because she got caught before. When she plagiarizing her second paper, she know she’s doing wrong thing. Just thought when it goes wrong, she’s not going to get harsh punishment. Maybe just same as last time or little bit worse.
But in Marita’s case is little bit different. She needs some sort of education about plagiarism and how to write paper properly when she site sources from other’s work.
If she occur same mistake as Haley did. She should treat same as Haley

What a lucky girl I am.

Almost every student was them once, I think. In term of worry and difficulty in front of writing, they had common with us. At least, I did. My writing adrift and barely held point when I was required to write my opinion about great scholars’ different concepts each weak on religion class of my first college year.
About Hayley and Marita, they made same academic misconduct, and had different result for those. Of course, there was big difference between them. Unlike Hayley, Marita made a mistake in total-unconsciousness, and it was Marita’s first time. However, I feel Marita was luckier than Hayley. Marita met Rose who understood what made her to do so and know what she should be corrected.
Well, I’ve got to disappoint the intention of this assignment’s topic now. Honestly, the strongest thought in my mind is how lucky girl I am. I wrote so many others’s ideas on my assignment without quotation marks or footnotes. Just like Marita, I thought that I avoided plagiarism by putting reference list on the end of my paper. Nobody taught me all details of the rule before I attend a school in the U.S. Also, nobody objected about it in my country. If I transferred to poor Hayley’s school in my early age, I would be an expelled girl from a high school in a foreign country and joined her mom’s crusade. Who knows?

My answer to Marita's case

I think Marita’s case needs to receive forgiveness from school. She didn’t know whether how to do plagiarism was or not. So she needs more educational than punishment. And first did plagiarize. People could make a mistake once when they have been living. Her age is important period from an educational point of view. If she is expelled and accept punishment from school, she may get into a bad ways. On the other hand, both Marita and haley are different something from each other. In spite of Marita quotes some sentences, she thinks her assignment don’t plagiarize. And her character was reserved. When haley copied someone’s paper, she agree it does plagiarize, so she is expelled. She grew up good life environment. Her plagiarism was second. Marita and Haley will learn thing which is careful when they are writing assignment. In conclusion, the most important is more educational about plagiarism for students.

My opinion about Marita's punishment

In my opinion, even if Marita did plagiarize, the school needs to give one more chance to her, because she didn’t know about plagiarism and result of it. It was her first time caught by plagiarism and she was just freshman. Moreover her background from her father to the teachers who taught her is responsible for her academic misconduct. Comparing with Haley’s situation, Haley was junior and she already did plagiarism before, so he knew about what plagiarism. Even though she knew it, she committed plagiarism once again. It is an important point of difference that Haley knew what it is, but Marita didn’t, although both of them didn’t know about the result of the plagiarism. In addition, her parents are typically wealthy persons who are well educated and would have many chances to teach her about it. I think the treat of the two girl differently whether they did it on purpose or not. In conclusion, the school has to give Marita one more chance to write her paper and teach her about plagiarism.

Disagreeing on the school's side for each, Marita and Haley.

I totally disagree on the school's side of kicking Haley out of school by because of the plagiarism. It was a severe punishment. We may focus on two reasons why we think that is was too severe. One main reason is because I think that Marita was a solid B student who didn't always got in problems in the schoolbefore. The head of the school said that they give the punishment to the student's by their act and their gradesindividually. So, in this case if the school expell her than what the head of the school said isn't true. The schoolhas to educate more time to their student's about what the plagiarism is and how to avoid them. On the other hand, Marita has just forgot some sentence of avoiding plaigiarism and wating for the result from the board.And also in this case, I disagree to the university why they are even considering the outcome of the plagirism she took. One reason is that the Marita didn't plagiarize every sentence. She just missed to take some quotatitionin one of the sentences. She knew about what the plagiarism was about. But because she was onlybeen to UCLA for about three weeks now, maybe she didn't knew what the definition of the plagiarism was in term ofthe school's. The other reason is that she is only a freshman and this homework was the first one. There area lot of time headed to her. She is still young. But because she plagiarised one sentence for the hard topic, the university simply can not punish her. By comparing this two, Marita and Hely, we have figured out that punishing the student because of the plagiarism isn't the most important thing. The most important thing is to teach their studentswhat the plagiarism is, why the plagiarism is bad and how to avoid them.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

appropriate result

Although they have different characters from each other, the cases of Marita and Haley are representative examples of plagiarism. Haley copied someone else’s work and she knew that it is plagiarism. On the other hand, Marita quoted someone’s words but she didn’t think that she plagiarized. As a result, Haley was expelled from school and Marita got a chance to recover her mistake. In my opinion, the results given each of them are reasonable and acceptable since Haley knew plagiarism and penalty about it, and Marita didn’t know exactly about plagiarism. If she got enough knowledge about plagiarism, she wouldn’t plagiarize. Many students at college and high school may suffer a similar accident to Marita’s because of a knowledge shortage about plagiarism. Thus, students should have education about plagiarism to keep them from plagiarizing accidentally. If they take continuous education and care, students won’t make the mistake such as they plagiarize unintentionally.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Marita and Haley

Marita’s case been handle very professionally and with Mike Rose’s help she got another chance. In Haley case, she got the maximum punishment by her school. James Berkman the head of Haley’s school was very consistent with past Haley’s plagiarism and He had zero tolerance policy in her case. In the other hand Marita had no ideas that she could get in trouble, but Haley knew that she might get trouble like she did last time. By reviewing both summaries we can see that they both didn’t know consequences of their actions. One of them got another chance and the other got expelled for her school. That shows how difficult is to make decision over plagiarism cases, because that can change some student life forever. Probably Marita and Haley both learned their lessons and they would be more cautious about their writing assignments. Haley used her sad story as a topic for her essay and Marita was thankful and she wouldn’t make that mistake again, because next time she might end up with Haley’s destiny.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

influence of background

Although, Haley’s and Marita’s incidents are given as plagiarism examples, they are totally different from each other. In my opinion, Marita did not do it on purpose on the other hand, Haley was aware of the situation. Despite Haley knew that it was wrong, she repeated her mistake. On the contrary, it was Marita’s first time. In addition, Haley followed some tricks such as paraphrasing not to get caught whereas Marita cited the encyclopedia which she used for her assignment. The problem was Marita’s did not know how to write academically. I think that Marita’s personal and educational background influenced her assignment. For example, since she graduated from a tough high school, she was not well educated about academic writing. Despite the fact that, she tried her best. If she had had the same opportunities as Haley, she would not have done it. Because of these reasons, I believe that school’s response to Marita was right. I am sure that she was very happy when she heard about the second chance. Although I do not know the rest of the story, I can say that she will not repeat it. I suggest that colleges should have trainings for freshmen about plagiarism. By the help of this, colleges will prevent unconscious plagiarism. Furthermore, colleges can also teach freshmen how to write academically by including mandatory courses in their programs. The second reason in Marita’s case is level of the assignment. Teachers must be very careful about the content of the course. They can make a survey about the background of the student at the very beginning of the course and can adjust the content. In conclusion, Marita can be very successful in academic life if she will be directed well.

BLOG#3 response

I did not mean that there is no punishment for that. I can say that as a student I did not take any training about plagiarism in Turkey. Because of that reason, students never think that it is wrong or in other words, they never think that copying assignments is stealing someone ideas. I believe that it is the main problem. I do not have any resources to support my ideas since these are my experiences. In my opinion, one reason may be the lack of sources of the teachers. If they take it seriously students will take it too. In Turkey, many professors have more than 100 students and also they do not have many TAs to help them about the course. Therefore, they can not find out the students who plagiarize. Huseyin looked at the subject from the perspectives of teachers and I looked at from the perspectives of students. The regulations may be different for students and teachers. I do not have sufficient information about that.

Education leak?

I think I can understand Marita’s situation. As we discussed in class, Marita’s background makes her industry characters, which is an admirable character in academic world. The only thing she need is training and education. If she can learn more about academic writing and attend some workshop to open her mind to express herself well, I think she will be more confident in expressing her own ideas, especially, in a proper way. Therefore, I agree with the decision of her school to give a potential student like her another chance.

Comparing with Marita, Haley lived in a wealth family, which might provide her a better educational surrounding. However, she still confused with the definition of plagiarism. Is this telling us that even in western society, which highly values original ideas, do not well educate their youth how to avoid being accused of plagiarism? To me, I think my ignorance about plagiarism is caused of the different culture. However, these two examples are Americans who grew up and were educated to the level of high school and college in the U.S. They should know well about their culture, but they are still confused. Even the GTA, I think he/she was also dubious about accusing Marita’s assignment of plagiarism; therefore, he/she turned the paper over to the director of Freshman English. These examples raise questions to me. When should students learn academic writing? When should they be examined plagiarism?

Another point interests me is what Haley and Marita did. At the first time, Haley copied and pasted the original text; at the second time, she paraphrased the sentences and mixed with her own ideas. However, she did not cite any. We can know that Haley had no idea about academic writing. She even did not know citation is needed. In Marita’s situation, she did know something about academic writing. She knew that it’s necessary to cite reference, but she did not have the technique. These indicate that she did learn how to write in academic way, but she was not well trained. Who should take the responsibility? Did her high school teacher know how to write academic articles? Why she did not be accused of plagiarism when she was in high school?

Halley and Marita

Both Marita and Halley were student in high school. Their socio-economic level’s were different from each other. Although Marita came from a low socio-economic environment, Halley came from a high socio-economic environment. Despite there were some similarities on their situation, generally Marita’s situation was different from Halley’s situation. Although Halley knew cutting and pasting to prepare a homework was wrong, she made it. She knew that if she had captured, she would have taken a punishment. Marita thought that citation was true as long as cited sources. According to Marita scientists made like this, and she made like this, too. But, she’s made was wrong and she didn’t know it. She didn’t consist of a suitable balance in one way or another between to own write and to cheat. She made unintentionally cheating. As a result, both of them remained face to face an unexpected punishment. Halley knew to take a punishment, but she didnt expect to expell from the high school. Marita meet to a punishment while a praise. She didn’t know that what she made wrong.

According to me, Marita came across a punishment that she hadn’t deserve. She didn’t know in this subject what was true or what was wrong. Marita needed to education in this subject, needn’t punishment. Halley deserved a punishment, but given expulsion punishment was very big. To expell from school wasn’t a suitable solution. To failed in this class was a punishment. This punishment shouldn’t have given to Halley such a situation. Additionaly, Halley needed to education in this subject, didn’t expell.

About Blog 3:
I haven’t participate any plagiarist event. But, two students in my class about educational plans and evaluation cheated each other works. All students in this class had to make some original plans. When I noticed that two works same, I called this work’s owns. Although they had a good points, this students failed directly in this course due to copied in their working. They had to take this class again.

To help each other is important in Turkish culture. But, some students can’t adequately distinguish between differences cheating and helping one other’s. Both in high school and in universities, cheating is prohibited by some regulations. Separetely, there is a law to protection thought and art works.

Some web adresses in English are below connected with on the evident which in my third blog talked about a situation.


Marita's case: plagiarism or not!

After I have read the story of both Haley and Marita, I come up with two kinds of plagiarism separated by intention. One is like Haley, the wrongdoers know that they are making mistake but still do it by whatever reason. Another one is like Marita, those people don’t know that they are making any mistake and they have no intention to do that. Hence, Marita’s story was different to Haley’s story in many points.

The first primary point was their intention; Unlike Haley who knew herself that she was doing wrong, Marita didn’t know that what she had done lead to plagiarism; she just wanted the excellent work. Second was the schools’ action toward plagiarism; Marita had a chance to defend herself. As Marita’s school investigated the situation by looking at her work and talking with her before making any judgment, but Haley was expelled from the school. However, that was Haley’s second mistake; the article about Haley didn’t provide more information on her first mistake. Third, the causes which leaded to plagiarism were different. In Haley’s case, she was tempting by factors surrounding her such as her friends and some websites; while, Marita made this mistake by the difficulty of the assignment and by her own experience.

Personally, I’m agree with the school’s reaction toward Marita’s case because the school gave her a chance to say what was happening and maybe gave her one more chance on her assignment. Moreover, Marita made this mistake by innocence; I think she deserved this chance. On the contrary, I’m disagree with the graduate student who taught her because he or she gave the students too hard assignment and brought this situation to be big matter by tuning Marita’s paper over to the director of Freshman English. On the other hand, as being a teacher trainee before, I understand that this situation was difficult to the GTA too; sometimes we don’t know what to do, we sometime don’t know that the assignment is too hard or not, and of course we don’t know how to deal with the situation such as plagiarism. But if I were that GTA, I wouldn’t tell this situation to the other; I would talk with Marita that her paper could be plagiarism because of what. I would also teach her how to write academic paper. Although Marita didn’t get any punishment, her record would show that she was being accused of plagiarizing once. To me, I don’t like to call Marita’s action as her first mistake but I’d prefer to call “her misunderstanding.”

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blog #4

Hi everyone!

Here is the blog topic for this weekend. (Sorry about the delay in getting it posted.)

1. What is your response to Marita's situation, particularly in comparison with Haley's situation?

2. Respond to someone else's blog.

Hope you are enjoying the great weather this weekend,

Cate and Ivan

P.S. Don't forget that both classes will be meeting together in Ivan's classroom to watch the movie Finding Forrester on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week. See you there and then.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

What is Plagiarism?

Before I came to US, I did not know about plagiarism, and I really had no clue what it was. In my high school, we were never told to write a research paper or any kind of writing assignments in the literature, history, languages etc., and I guess I never heard from my teachers about plagiarism or maybe I was the one who did not pay attention back there. When we did not do our homework, we usually gather together in group with friends and copied each other homework exactly the same and turn the homework in, and it was okay and I never heard of students that were caught and accused for plagiarism.
After I came to Columbus, and took classes here, I just knew what plagiarism was because all the instructors stated it so strictly and said it repeatedly on how you should cite it, in what methods etc., especially the classes that required for writing papers. But, you even can find the plagiarism definition and explanation on every of the syllabus that the instructor passed out in class.
I, myself, have never experienced in those kinds of situations in which I got accused of plagiarism for my papers. However, I have a friend that I know who got accused of plagiarism. She is an international student from Iran. This happened when she was taking second writing at CSCC. Only one sentence in her paper that she was accused plagiarism, and she received a failing grade for her first writing assignment. She said to me that the sentence, which was thought as plagiarism, was a sentence that she found in her first language form, and she translated it herself and used it in her paper. However, her teacher claimed that he read the sentence somewhere else and it was his favorite that why he remembered, so he thought that it was not her own idea, and since she did not cite it, she was accused plagiarism. I think sometime plagiarism is so complicated and confusing. But anyway, she passed that class, though (phew).

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Didn't see anyone so far.

I haven't seen anyone who got accused for plagiarism. If I know somebody doing those thing. I wouldn't be his/her friend anymore. but I saw some people actually doing plagiarism in my country. Most of them uses internet, go to web site, find what they need, then just Copy and past. They need some work though. They're fixing words or sentenses in their own word.
The sad thing is it is really hard to get caught in my country.
Not all of people intend plagiarism. I think many cases of plagiarism is not intended. Probably they don't understand concept of plagiarism. In that case, They just need to be educated with what's concept of plagiarism. how not to occur, those things.
In my opinion, people who got caught with plagiarism more than two times should get harsh punishment. So they won’t do same thing again in their life.

The valuable experience of my friend

When i discussed about the plagiarism with my friend, she told me about experience. she was a sephomore student at UT. she had British literature class and had to write a creative diary about slavery for thirty days. she posted some sentences for the diary of only one day on web cite. Her teacher said that she plagiarized and her homework wasn't accepted. However, because this homework wasn't final draft, she could get a chance to submit her homework again. she recognized that how much a big mistake she made and she never made that mistake until graduation at college.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

plagiarism gives disadvantage

When I went to the university in Korea, I saw classmate who was caught plagiarism. His assignment was copied many parts from internet home page because he didn’t have enough time. He who didn’t receive money from parents had to work everyday because of making an allowance himself.
After a few days, his professor said to him during the class that your assignment couldn’t recognize because of plagiarism. Professor gave him F at this class, and couldn’t attend this class. He did much effort in order to receive pardon from professor. In spite of visiting professor everyday, the professor seemed reluctant to meet him. He told me when we had a lunch that he was penitent for his acting. We learn that plagiarism gives disadvantage, so we don’t have to plagiarize even though we don’t have time.

Comments about the experience of getting caught of plagiarism.

1. I have never seen my friend caught upon the act of plagiarism. I only viewed some article that said that some peoplewas punished by this act. Here is an example. During about the early and mid 90's at South Korea, the celebrities (especially the singers) has plagiarized their songs from the foreign countries alot. When they get caught they had to stop work as thesingers temporary or forever. And because lot of singers has been caught they learned their lessons and the quality of thesongs has much improved. The most reason why I think that plagiarism is bad is because it kills the creativiness of one person. Then, this results the decline of the creation. People should learn that creavity is the most fearceful weapon that we, human have.

By Paul Chung.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Always looking out plagiarism

When I was in Korea, I had never seen that someone who did plagiarism punished. In my country it is not serious and strict like America. If someone is caught by plagiarism, they just have to write another paper in normal case. That’s all. But I think American’s regulation is really tough.
One of my best friends who studies in San Diaego told me that he was caught of plagiarism. At that time he didn’t have enough time to do homework because of his part time job. He decided to cite friend’s paper which wrote in a year ago. He paraphrased some of the paragraphs and got his idea about the subject. He just thought as Haley, the character in the article, that It had better to cite the assignment than later paper. But it didn’t take long time, he realized that he did wrong thing. The teacher called him to ensure his fault. By the way fortunately he just got F at that assignment without no more punishments. After final exam he couldn’t get the high grade, even though he had most of parts A+, because of the plagiarism. He told me that he felt really regretful at that time. After that experience, he has never tried plagiarism again.
Before I took this class, I just thought plagiarism easily like most of the new students. But the teacher has emphasized about the harsh effects of plagiarism in every class, it is really severe things. Now I am absolutely aware of the plagiarism. I will always be careful about plagiarism.

It was unclear concept to us...

I have never met that kind case around me. It is not because all students around me are aware of what plagiarism is, but it is unclear concept in Korean universities. However, plagiarism concept had become important more and more. Especially, after internet POP system widely spread among students, many professors needed to warn students not copying papers from ready-to-download resources. But I had never heard or read the case that professors accused students officially. It is because professors knew that students were not well-educated about avoiding. Of course, I am sure if somebody hands in obvious copied paper, a professor would give F on that paper though.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

different culture

I don’t have any friend who has been accused of plagiarism; however, they did things that will be considered plagiarism here, such like using other’s contribution without citing and plagiarizing themselves. I think this is because of the culture difference, that we do not take plagiarism as a serious problem. We do think that taking other’s work and pretending to ones own is cheating. However, when someone uses other’s contribution without citing or without mentioning the original reference is not that serious, except in academic field. In my feeling, we consider many things as common knowledge, which we think that citing is unneeded.
However, this loose attitude to plagiarism may lead information miss transferred. (I start to worry that is there anyone documented this idea before. :P) When people do not take serious about what they said, just using something they heard and transferring to others, they might pass the error information. If they do read the original document, the mistakes will be less.
Plagiarism oneself is also a new issue to me. If the meaning of plagiarism is to show respect to original author, why can’t we use our own work? When this happened in class, I might think that the instructor want us to think more and study more. Thus, self-plagiarism becomes an education issue. In academic field, citing one’s own contribution is also important. I think this might show the time of the idea, because when we see a journal paper, we can know the background of the study. For example, we can know what influence the thinking of the author. If the idea is not cited, we may confuse that the idea is a recent one or a passed one. This is the most possible reason I can explain why we should cite ourselves.

perspectives of turkish students

I am glad to say that I have not heard about a plagiarism incident from my friends. However, it does not mean that nobody plagiarizes in Turkey. I am sure a lot of students do that since there is no severe punishment. Some students did not spend time on the assignments therefore they came to the school one hour before the class and copied other's homework. In Turkey, sharing homework is a part of friendship hence they can easily find homework. If you do not help them, you are a selfish person from their perspectives. I know this is not a good thing but that is the truth. Furthermore, generally professors could not realize the plagiarized work. I am wondering the reason for that is lack of time or lack of care. In my opinion, the professors must pay attention to that subject because if these students will not be informed or punished they will keep on plagiarizing. I hope in the future, everybody in Turkey will be aware of plagiarism. Until I came USA, I have not had any training about plagiarism in addition, I never consider plagiarism as stealing before. In conclusion, I am happy to learn the importance of plagiarism since it is one of the most important aspects of academic life. In order to increase the quality of academic work and to show respect to other's work, everyone should be educated.

My experience in plagiarism by Tong

I can’t remember that there’s anyone I knew has been accused for plagiarism. However, I have an interesting experience in this similar situation. This story was happen when I was an undergraduate student; the teacher’s assignment for final score was a report paper. It was my first academic report that I had to cite some sources into my paper, so it was really hard for me. Although I knew that it was going to be hard and also I’m a bad writer, I tried to write it as good as I can. I went to the library, searched as much information as I can, and spent a lot of time on it in order to complete my work.

As due date passed, the teacher told us that he started to review some works and found that many papers were not the original work. It was copied and pasted from somewhere else. Even though, he hadn’t checked all the reports yet, he wanted the students who know themselves that their paper wasn’t their own to take it back. But to those who were sure that they didn’t steal somebody’s work, he suggested leaving the reports with him and then he would read it and scored it. Then I found out that most of the students in the class took their work back, there were only two papers left on the desk. Certainly, one is mine. However, most of my friends who made this mistake were given another chance; they had to take a special writing test which the teacher set up on Saturday. At that time, I was very proud of my paper; although, it was not so good, I did it by myself.

After my friends took a test on Saturday, I asked them about the test, they told me that the test was very easy. There were just only 3 paragraphs for them to write; all that they had to do was showing how to cite someone’s work by paraphrasing the given paragraphs and citing it source. Then, I thought that maybe the teacher wanted to teach them that they must cite the original owner when they want to use that idea. I was happy with them that they all did well on the test.

Now it’s my turn to discuss with the teacher about my paper, as he would comment my work and grade it. Unfortunately, my work turned out to be not so good. Actually, I would like to say that it was bad!

Finally, the grade came out; I got a B+ on that class. But my friends who had to take a correction test have got an “A”. Is it because they were doing very well on that test? I was stun. I knew that my report was bad; however, I have done it by myself. But my classmate, they sent the other’s work, the teacher knew that. Is it just because they were doing great on their correction test, and because my paper was bad? I just felt that isn’t it easier to get an “A” by just copying someone else’s work and taking the special test which was very easy instead of being honest and spending times to write my own report? Well, B+ wasn’t a bad grade for me. But...do you think it was fair enough?


As it is, I’ve never heard or saw someone ever been accused of plagiarism surrounding my work so far.
However, I only read articles about Internet plagiarism in the Korea newspaper. According to the Korea Times, it is easier that many college students access Internet plagiarism for their assignments. So, an editor of the Korea Times says that many universities has developed or upgraded a program that can tell whether reports are pirated or not.
If professor get to know students have plagiarized their report, they don’t get to grade about report. But it doesn’t mean that students fail to complete their level. In Korea, there are severe competitions among college students. If they don’t get to grade a good grade through their university life, they can’t attend good company. Because student’ grades are one of the most important company’s requirements which they want to go. Students are always afraid of being what they get a bad grade from their professors.

Alternative ways, also, some of professors require paper with pencil instead typing with computer for the purpose of preventing to use websites.

In my opinion, I think that plagiarism is unfair. Although it may easy and simple plagiarizing for their reports, I think that it is only a waste time. Plagiarism may stop their spirit growth and may interrupt to be a rich experience and intelligence in the University.


I haven’t any friend who accused of plagiarism. In fact, I don’t want to have a plagiarist friend. But, I heard two different a plagiarism event at the university environment in Turkey. One of this was in my university, Ataturk University in Erzurum, six years ago. Charged person of plagiarism was a doctoral student in Art and Sciences Faculty. According to a claim, he made plagiarism in his doctoral thesis. The university authorities was started an administrative investigation about person by plagiarism accusation. After the investigation, this person expelled from his job in the Ataturk University. But, this person was started a counter suit at the administrative court towards the decision of dismissed. The administrative court found right this person. Therefore, the dismissed decision of The Ataturk University was cancelled. But, I don’t know that this person made plagiarism or didn’t.

The other event was in the other university, the oldest university in Turkey, Istanbul University. Plagiarist person was a medicine professor, at the same time he was a president of the oldest university in Turkey. The professor was made plagiarism in his book that wrote ten years ago. His plagiarism was proven by the Organization of Istanbul Physician. The professor was expelled his profession during two months. He was a professor and a president of a respected university. This was a big scandal, created very sensation at the public opinion and, discussed for days at the press and at the public opinion. Given punishment was found very few. The punishment for Turkish medicine professor isn’t dissuasive. Turkish public opinion wasn’t found sufficient the punishment.

Preparing this homework, I found another plagiarist event in Turkey. Two professors made plagiarism from another professor’s work. Professor was sued the other professors with a plagiarism accusation from her a book. She won the suit. A fine 50 billion YTL (37 billion $) given to two professors.

In my opinion, punishment for plagiarism in the academic environment must be heavy. But, first of all, to improve true behaviors, students and academicians must train in this subject. The aim isn’t to give a punishment, but to educate. Therefore, education is important.

Edaucation Or Punishment!

I don't know anybody who been caught plagiarizing or been punish for that manner, but I know some departments at Ohio State take plagiarism very seriously. One those is Chemistry department. I took chem. 121, 125 and both classes they inform their students about how to avoid academic misconduct.

I almost got in trouble when it came to libratory reports. I took chem. 121 before and already I had the laboratory manual, since I dropped the course first time and I had the first and second lab. reports down. In first day of lab I was going to use my old manual and the teaching assistant saw me and she came to me and say that I can't use that. She got pretty upset and I explained to here I didn't know I couldn't use my old manual and I had to purchase new one.

That was the only time I got close to do some sort of plagiarism and with the lack of information in my behalf , almost I got in trouble. That experience show me how easy to become guilty of plagiarism and how to avoid to get in the situation like that.

106G homework..k writing

In my memory, I never found anyone have a case about Plagiarism as Haley Lodge. In my experience and my field as architecture, plagiarism is easy to find but not a real plagiarism but it is an idea copying.

As we know, how can we know who copy whose design work? because it 's untouchable and all design styles in the world are looks the same or if it's different, it's not that much enough to distinguish which design is belong to who. All i know is someone steal someone's idea or use someone's work and present as it one's own work.

From my experience, my friend used to used somebody works or portfolio to find a job or present to customer.Actually, it's not a bad thing because they did it because they don't have time to do their portfolio and they want this job. I know it's wrong to customer but these people 's works are really great ...they have only one problem which is they are lazy to do their portfolio.

So after they get their job...the outcome of work is really great because these people know what to do and know how can did the great job and finish it.

This story is strange but it's true...So maybe this blog will give you about good will plagiarism.


Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blog 3 for 106/106G Students

Hi everyone,
Please respond to the following questions:

1. Have you, a friend, someone you know ever been accused of plagiarism? If so, what were the circumstances surrounding this accusation? What was the "punishment"? What lesson did you learn from this experience?

2. Write a response (comment) to someone's plagiarism experience.

Have a great weekend!

Ivan and Cate

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Stay Ohio

I couldn't attend class, and now write shortly about my summer vacation.
I have stayed in ohio because of attending American language program class.
It was very hot in the summer, so to attend class was more harder.
But summer classeswere the most imprtant to enroll in OSU. After my class
finished, I was a little busy.I attended a orientation, made a new I-20,
and took a placement test. Moreover, when Iwanted to play something,
most people didn't stay because they went to the Korea insummer vacation.
So I just played a tennis with tennis club's people. Somrtimes, we went to
the cincinnati in oder to see a playing tennis. I thought that playing tennis
was one ofinteresting thing. My summer vacation was more boring
than another people

Sunday, October 02, 2005

discussion about haley's punishment and plagiarism

The Hawken High School Committee expelled Haley Lodge since she plagiarized in one of her papers. In my opinion, expulsion is a very serious punishment for a high school student. This punishment changed Haley’s future completely. For instance, she had to go to a public school after the punishment and generally private schools give a higher quality education than public schools. I believe that high school students may not be informed sufficiently about plagiarism hence they may not avoid plagiarism. Expulsion is an acceptable or an appropriate decision for especially college and graduate students. There are many seminars in universities about plagiarism. These seminars give not only information about plagiarism but also directions how to prevent from plagiarism. They are very helpful especially for the students coming from other countries. Different cultures have different point of views about plagiarism hence international students may not know about the regulations. I think that, specifically graduate students must be punished seriously. In academic life everybody should show respect to other people’s work. If somebody uses another people’s work they have to cite it, otherwise they should be punished very seriously. I am sure that after a severe punishment they will not repeat it. For a high school student, the most appropriate punishment should be a warning and a failing grade for the homework if it is the first time. If the student keep on plagiarism, he or she can be expelled from the school temporarily and he or she can be failed the course. If the student plagiarizes one more time, the student should be expelled permanently.

In conclusion, in order to prevent plagiarism both teachers and parents should inform the students. The students should be aware of what they are doing and how it will affect their life. To be honest in academic life never plagiarize.

Story about plagiarism

Haley got punished for cheating on history paper. In Haley’s case, I think that it is wrong to cheat using internet to do assignment.
However, in my opinion, I strongly disagree that Haley got expelled from her high school because of using internet plagiarism on her paper and for her, it is too harsh punishment. She is only 16 years and high school student. She didn’t have another opportunity to correct her behavior.
I generally think that punishment itself isn’t able to extinct bad or unfair behavior including plagiarism. In addition to, students will seek more high tech like shady methods about plagiarism. In other words, if when they are punished, they won’t do it again. But it can temporarily reduce cheating act on their paper, I think that students would more careful their action about plagiary and they will still take other intelligent ways. Thus, punishment won’t be a basic solution to these matters. I believe that teachers have to take alternative education ways to remove students’ unfair action. For example, teacher would teach why plagiary is unfair behavior and would note the fact that plagiarism other people’s idea is the same stealing a thing. Therefore, I am strongly convinced that only other alternative ways instead taking punishment will be able to extinct cheating on their paper.

Expell looks severe but it needs for culprit.

About Haley Lodge case, I thinks expell looks too harsh in everyone's sight. At first, i alsothink it's too harsh but after thinking about the consequence if we always give a chances for students who keep plagiarizing in intentionally and think it not a big problem, I think expell may be the best way to punish her.

For Haley, this is not her first time to plagiarized and she already know it was wrong if she did it again, she decide to plagiarized because she afraid that she will failed in her history papers and her class if she sent her report late. This situation will not happen if she has her dicipline in herself about her reponsibility and if she knows the result of what she did.

I believe that plagiarism is some type of crime, eventhough it look like " not a big deal" in teenagers or someone.For me, plagiarism is stealing someone's idea. Haley stealing someone's idea and present it like her own idea,eventhough she put her own idea too but around one in third of her report is not belongs to her idea.

Somebody as her mother, Joanne Lodge , thought expell is unfair to Haley and using www.turnitin.com proves haley's reports is not appropiated.Yes,if you look with mercy eyes to Haley and if you believe in giving the chances to culprits is the best way to do for every culprit.

But if we think in a different way, what about the owner of uncle Tom's cabin report that Haley copy his or her idea,Is should be fair to them?.And if someday when Haley grows up to be some scientist and she did it again, what is going to happen with science society?.
What about today, what were you thinking if you know that Einstien plagiarize his idea from someone and we admired the wrong person for maybe 40-50years ?

Actually, i believe if Haley did this as a third time and she got expell, everyone will agree with her punishment. But this is her second time ,she should deserves her chance or light severe?

I think the important thing is not what type of punishment that she should got but i think the most important thing is " Is she really knows or awares or understands how severe of plagiarism? and Is she really think it is wrong to do that?" I wonders why she weight it in risky way and thought that she will not get caught because in her profile she was on probation because of this guilt?

In my opinion, she think plagiarism is not a big problem and not serious. So, if we give her another chance such as give her more probation or more special class to her about plagiarism or at least fail her class , i think she will do it in the future because in her opinion , it's not "the big deal" for her.

But if she got expell or the school make her repeat her academic year, it might be make her exactly know or completely understand about how serious of plagiarism.

One more thing, I only heard that people should recieve the second chances, I never heard that people should recieve the third chance. Anyway, i think punishment is not the matter but realizing is something that really important than that.

Expulsion in unnecessary

I do not agree with the expulsion as a punishment for plagiarism.

In this article, the author provides several examples of punishments of plagiarism in different schools. Haley was suspended for a day at her first caught by plagiarism, and the second time she was expelled. In Piper, Kansas, some high school students were charged Internet plagiarism and failed the class. In University of Virginia, they expelled some students who were alleged of cheating on a term paper. These cases indicated that there are different ways to deal with the plagiarism misconduct. Expulsion is not the only method to stretch the improper behavior.

Punishments are not only a deterrent but also an educational device in schools, which carry a great responsibility called “Education”. What can expulsion taught us? Plagiarism is wrong! If you steal other’s work, you’ll get serious trouble! What else?
In my feeling, expulsion from school is a rejection, just like a mother turn her face away from her children. It provides an image that I am disappointed and I do not want to accept you any more. I think this is too harsh to a teenager. Furthermore, we cannot promise a fine education surrounding after expulsion. Some public schools have even more serious problems than plagiarism, who can guarantee these problems will not influence the student like Haley? The only problem of Haley is her academic misconduct, but she may meet some bad friends in the public school. It causes a serious problem in Taiwan, the students who were expelled from school will be accepted by the underground. Then they quit schools to do dirty things. If they have more chance, they can be better.

In Haley’s case, she wants to get a better grade rather than F. The information behind is she does not know how to manager her time and her family will not accept her failure. The attitude of her family can be easily found in the article that Haley has a perfect mother. Therefore, in Haley’s case, I think the proper punishment is let her take the responsibility of her loose time management and fail the class. The teacher also needs to contact Haley’s mother to talk about her girl’s situation. Additionally, Haley has to write an assay about plagiarism, which pushes her to understand what plagiarism is and how others think of plagiarism. Then they should discuss in class. I think the embarrassment of discussing this problem in class is harsh enough for a teenage girl. Expulsion is unnecessary.

My opinion toward Haley's case

This week I’d like to talk about Haley Lodge, a girl who was expelled from the school because of her plagiarizing. According to Neil Heaton’s article, Haley plagiarized twice while she was in Hawken School. She got probation on her first guilt. Then her second time caused the expulsion.

What I’d like to discuss is about the penalty that she was given. As I can’t find more circumstance in this case that Hawken officials claimed that they used it as the factors of the judgment so I don’t know what effect this decision; however, I believe that there must be some better way than this punishment.

The space between her first guilt and the second was only four months; she was still on probation at that time. Why did she do it again? Did this probation teach her something? I don’t think so. The probation showed that she was guilty because she cut someone else’s work and pasted it on her own but the probation didn’t make her understand what the plagiarism is; it didn’t teach her how to cite someone work without being a thief. Maybe she didn’t even understand what the probation is; if there’s someone tell her what she might get when she do it again, I believe that Haley would not dare to do it. At that time, she might think that if she was caught, she maybe get some more probation or other punishment but not the expulsion.

To me, I think that the better ways than the expulsion are teaching and giving them some other punishment or I’d prefer to call “the correction.” We can failed them that class, add a special class for them to take which teach about the plagiarism and the report writing method, and give them more assignment to write the paper about the plagiarism. So as in Haley case, she weight between failed that class because of the incomplete assignment or take a risk to be caught, to be on probation again or else. If Haley was given the correction or understood what the probation is, I believe that she would not choose to counterfeit her work again. Maybe failed that class because of no work to send or certainly failed that class plus more class to take and plus more work, which one would you choose?

However, I don’t want to say that the expulsion is the horrible idea and should be throw away from the plagiarist. If the student is in very very bad case such as they don’t cooperate in the correction and cheating again and again without feel any guilty, then the expulsion maybe work on that case.

Discussion on Plagiarism in the High School

Before anyting else, I want started to saying that plagiarism is a bad behavior, like a thieving. But, the punishment of given to Halley Lodge owing to her plagiarist action is very much. Because, commited a crime and given punishment for this behavior have to balance. In this event, student’s age, degree, background, aim, and environment are important points must be attention.
Person who has expelled from the high school is a student. She is only 16 years old. School has to teach to students living. The students are going to the school for learn new things and to be a successful person in their future lives. A person who is learning new things may be mistake. To make any mistake is a learn, too. Now and then students are learn by make some mistakes. Aim isn’t make some mistakes, but it is usually inevitable for learning. But, while some mistakes are meet a tolerance, some other mistakes aren’t welcome, like this.
Whatever school’s aim grows up a good persons for society and to develop personal abilities. To give any punishment to the student, it isn’t school’s aim. This is an exceptional situation. Thus, any school discipline committee have to very carefully during the punishment process. Because, this punishment will be effected future of the student. Student don’t go to the school to take a risk for own future. In the point of the school, given punishment means that Hawken School in Gates Mills have been unsuccesful for your train. Go and find a new high school for you to bring up! Any high school mustn’t do like this.
Halley Lodge was a good students till this event was. She hadn’t any discipline problem before that event. This is a situation that must be pay attention. To base on only a behavior, a person mustn’t be create or destroy. Person has a lot of features, and he-she shows a lot of different behaviors. Each person has a background. Each person has a faimly, frends, and surroundings. School isn’t everything for a person, but it is important.
A student may be make a mistake. A student may be commit a crime. But, why? Some similar samples are there about high school, universities, big campanies. Halley’s some friends from school were made similar behaviors, but they didn’t take any punishment. Halley was know this, but the school authorities didn’t know. Some negative samples were in her near environment. They didn’t take any punishment for their act. This sample might be one of the encourage factor for Haley’ plagiarist behavior. It is necessary that to be more attention when judging the student's behaviors.
This is only a comment,thank you for your interest. Huseyin

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