Friday, September 30, 2005

What I did on this summer by Paul Chung

What I did on this summer.

As I have went myself to Jakarta, Indonesia on January, I haven’t done special things on this summer. I just went to the place call Mu Jou and Hae Nam with my family about 4 days. Because the summer in South Korea is really hot, we went to the river near by Mu Jou. It was very nice.

When I went to Jakarta at January, I met some of my Indonesian friend there. I only stayed there about a week. But it was nice. To me, as I have lived in Indonesia more than any countries I have ever been to, Indonesia is like the second home for me.

Road trip

In summer vacation, i went to chicago with my friends for just two days. one of my friends drived her car and it took about five hours to arrive at chicago. As soon as arrived at there, we went to down town. There were many people and various stores which sell interesting goods in there. we visited in the museum in the center of downtown. An artist was exhibiting his works. Actually, I don't know him but his works were very impressive to me. we were excited about everthing in chicago and took a lot of pictures to keep good feel in mind. After looked around downtown, we went to our hotel near downtown. Next day, we went to the navy pier in early morning. The navy pier is a kind of port. Many people rode thier own boats. After visited there, we came back to th Ohio. I had great time in chicago for short time. I can't forget my this trip forever.

Hot Summer in Wisconsin~!

Have you ever been in Wisconsin?
I spent some of my last summer in Madison, Wisconsin.
If you just imagine that I'd been in somewhere boring country area in Midwest,
you are so wrong~!!
Wisconsin is certainly stable state.
However, there is America's the biggest outdoor waterpark, wisconsin dell boat tour programs, many theme parks in Dell area, a center of Wisconsin enterainment, also numerous summer concerts, beautiful lake parks, beer factory tours in Madison and nearby. Since Wisconsin summer is very hot(hotter than Ohio) and short, people are just crazy to enjoy summer before they meet severe winter.
The most amasing factor of Wisconsin is that you can buy and drink beer in university campuses.
The student Union in U of Wisconsin is side by beautiful Mandota lake and you can buy beers there and enjoy fabulous sunset in the Lake with alcohol.
They provide patio tables and chairs, too ~!!
Also, as you know, Wisconsin is the state of dairy.
You can see great selection of cheese in any gloceries you go.

The time in the New York City

I was at the New York City in this summer. It's really wonderful, exciting and fun for me.
Actually I was at the language school near the New york city. I took about 30 minutes by train to get to Manhattan. I went there lots of times. What I found in Newyork is that there are really many foreigners in City. I heard many other languages. My favorite things was watching the night views of the NewYork~. It made me cazy~. The sight of Newyork at the Empire State Building is one of the most beatiful I've ever seen. Many beatiful buildings lighted on and the car's light made a golden bright line on the City. Brooklyn Bridge was also wonderful~. I saw the bridge many times in the movies, but It was my first time to see it virtually. I could see the buildings of the wall street. There are many thing to see.
I had also great experiences at school. I met lots of friend from all over the country. Our language were different but we talked with in English~. We had lots of fun there such as drinking whole week of course no skipping classes^^ and going to the beach together etc. We went to bar and club together. And we drank with Amreicans with doing arm wrethle and plaing card games.

I kept touch with them until now. The time that I spent at NewYork is the priceless treasure in my life. I got lots of friends. Oh~ I went to Washington DC and Niagara Fall with my foreign friends. It's fun. It's all~ ^^ See U guys on Monday~^^

Working summer jobs!

This summer was pretty busy for me. Working two jobs and starting new major. I did have some time-off and I did go out of Columbus for few days. I went to visit my sister in MI. That was very nice. She and her husband just purchase a house in Ann Arbor, MI. I liked their house very roomy! I had a really good time there.

I try to be active this summer so finally I use my membership at Life Time (gym). I like to be active and I hate to be a couch potato! My main fun past summer was going to pool and relaxing under the sun. Other big thing I stared in past summer was my new business, I started cleaning service for restaurants and office spaces. That's good money and beside I have to do that once a month.

Summer is always fun with or without school, job, vacation, traveling and etc. I enjoy the weather at the most. I like hot and sunny days. I feel more active during summer time and I can do a lot down. So that was my summer and all the interesting things I've down .

Boring Summer

hi, I'm Sely. I had a very boring summer quater. For three months, I stayed at Columbus, and I was taking classes at Columbus State Community College (CSCC). I tried to finnish all my general courses at OSU. One of the classes that I took was a prerequisite for my major class for fall quater. The classes I took were Sociology, Geography, BioChemistry, and commuication class which gave me a little bit fun. Beside communication class, all the classes that I took were pretty boring, and Biochem was the hardest. The class that I enjoyed the most was communication class. It's interesting and fun becuase the instructor, classmates and the assignments were interesing. We were told to do three speeches in the class. The speeches were informative, persuasive, and the last was entertainment speech. For the informative speech, most students did their speech about cooking, so I enjoyed different foods in the class. I think that's it my pretty boring summer quarter.

106 Students

Hi everyone,
Since we just started the quarter. Let's talk about what we did in the summer. We know that we had 3 months in the summer, but please post a blog (at least 100 words) about one interesting activity that you did over the summer.


Monday, September 26, 2005

To lady and gentleman

Hi, everyone. I am young-jo and from republic of Korea. I don’t have a nick name because I was proud of calling “young-jo” somebody. And I don’t introduce about my country because two people already did that. . My personality is introspectiveness when I meet somebody first, but after I am close them, I change an energetic. I want to change my personality, so I always try to make an effort. I have been Columbus about one year. I was ALP student, and ALP means American Language Program. I hardly study while I lived at Columbus. I almost met Korea people, and then we play games and drank beers. So I couldn’t improve English skill. Buy the way, now I need to change my mental attitude, and try to meet American people or another country people. I have to study harder than I was ALP student because between undergraduate course and ALP are many difference. First of all, ALP just learns English skill, but undergraduate learns diverse subjects such as math, physics, and major. The other, it need a profound learning like a difficult vocabularies and contents than ALP.
I specialized in civil engineering at the university in Korea, also I transferred same major at OSU. I chose this major by reason of these, working like a civil engineering can go to many places, and eat delicious foods, and feel diverse customs after graduate. In addition, I like all kind of sports such as tennis, basketball, baseball, and football. So after I joined tennis club from last spring quarter, I learn to play tennis every Friday. If you have a free time, I would like to play tennis. I wish that we are interesting for class through conversation. Nice meet to you.

Hello !!! My name is HeeJae

What's up guys.
I totally forgot about this assignment. Since everyone wrote kinda long self-introduction. So I guess that's what i'm gonna do.. (Wonder, is this part of our grade? )

Let me introduce myself. My name is Hee Jae, Koo from Seoul, South Korea. I'm 18 years old, freshmen majoring chemical engineering.
I'm excited because it's my first year of college !!! I made some friends already I like to hang out with them. We had party already. :p You know the first year of college should be fun. Do you guys know about freshmen forgiveness? (something likoe that) It's about you are not getting GPA if you got F. However, it's only for freshmen. :). I heard that from my friend.
I don't think i'm gonna get F anyway but isn't it cool though?

I came to US about 2 years ago as foreign exchange student. After that i decided to stay in here because it's more easier to study in here except english part.I don't think I can speak like native speakers but I will try.

What I usually like to do is playing. or just hang out with my friends. I like to talk with someone alot. and I love to listen to music. Music is my life. I'm living with my ipod whenever I am by myself. My favorite singer is 50 cent !! I like him because he's cool.
I want to tell me about more. but it's about 300 words. so i'm gonna finish here.

oh, the most important fact is "I love osu"

Hi this is K...or call me kathy from Thailand

Hi everyone
Finally , i can log in and write my own blog!!...what a mess i done before. Ok, let's me introduce myself. My fullname is Kwanporn Bunnag . My study background was Interior architecture, yes, I am an interior designer. I came here to study master degree in M.A in Design development. My project will concern about interior space and lighting design.
Actually, this is my third time here in USA; first, I came here when I am 16 with my parents. That’s wonderful time for me. The second time was December 2004, I came here to study language at ALP school, it's also wonderful time for me because I met some good friends and it makes me less nervous when i start graduated degree here.

I spend 3-4 months here all alone before I go back to Thailand and prepare myself to come back here as a graduated student. When I am here from December until the end of April, I learn many interesting things, I learn how to speak and looking in the bright side of many things around me. I learning how to cook (my cooking skill is improved and shocked my parents). I feel more confident with myself more than in the past.

Therefore, I came back here with no fear in new environment and that explain when the third time is for me in USA .That’s now, right now.

Truly, in first week, I really confuse in myself about what I going to do or how to study... because after finished bachelor degree in Thailand, I worked as interior designer for almost 3 years. So I am away from study things for a long time...That's making me quite worry. But now, with helps from my advisor,Asso.Prof.Heike Goeller, I feel somebody give me a flashlight to show me the map and the way. The rest is depending on me what to do or how to do with myself.

One more thing, I can watch American Football. I understand it and know the game!!

That’s huge fun and I Love it ..now Saturday is football day for me.

Oh yes. I have my own website which is about cooking but it's thai language ( Thailand use Thai language ) so. follow this link and you will see it...


and yes..this is my MSN .. toey16@otmail.com

Thanks for read my blog.
Thank cate for me feel good ...you are so kind and nice person
I am very friendly...please feel free to talk to me anytime

Paul Chung's Self Introduction

My name is Paul Chung. I was born at February 12th, 1982. I was born in Los Angeles, California. I am Korean American. But I have only lived in Korea for five years. I have moved a lot in my life. I lived in Phillippines for 3 years and 9 years in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have forgotten Tagalok ( Language of Phillippine) but I can only speak basics of Indonesian. I like to play basketball for my spare time.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


My name is Chongmin Lee. I am deaf and from Korea. I became deaf at age of 3 years due to fever. I can speak and lipread Korean but can’t speak and lipread English. Also, I can sign Korean Sign Language. I know American Sign Language but I am not good at ASL. When I lived in Korea, many people thought that I can hear because I can speak very well in Korean. In fact, I have communicated with other people not through lipread (sight) but through hearing.
I have learned Korean speaking from my mother and sister. Then I went to regular school from kindergarten to high school but the school for deaf. Because I was born very small rural and there are no schools for the deaf. The more importantly, my mother wanted me to be strong people through competing with hearing friends and she believed that I had enough potential ability much as competing as them.
I was smart student during my school life but I didn’t think that I was happy myself. Although I had many hearing friends in regular school, I was always lonely. Needless to say, I made very friends with my hearing friends with watching a movie, going baseball game and doing homework together, etc after the class. However I wanted friends who can truly understand my heart. I wanted to meet with deaf friends like me. So I began to learn Korean Sign Language through internet sign circle as soon as graduating from the university. Learning Sign Language is important matter for me. That is why it reinforced my identity as a Deaf person and allowed me to become open-minded. After learning Sign Language(http://www.cein21.net/suhwoa/), I accepted my deafness as it was. Since then, I can confidently talk that I now am happy if who ask to me.

Hi~ Guys

Hi~ Nice to meet you all~ My name is Dong won Lee. Just call me Don. It's my nick name. I make it with my Brazilian friend. All of my friend told me it's easy to call. I'm from South Korea. I think Korea is really nice country~ not becasue of my country~ The weather is wonderful and there are four dintict seasons and most of all the food is fantastic~^^ My hometown is Taegu where the world cup groupes 3 and 4 were played. At the 2002 worldcup I missed the chance to see lots of soccer stars, becasue I was in the military at that time. (Do you know? Korean men have to finish military service.) Anyway my city is also nice except for the hot weather. Taegu is surrounded by mountains which have many temples and famous for textiles.

My major is business, actually I am pre-business now. My major was Mechanical Engineering , but I changed my major to finance. Because I thought that major is good for earning lots of money~. The main reason that I decided to study here in America is that I want to be good at English. I think this ESL course is a good chance for me to improve my Enghish. Even though I am hard to keep up with my other class now, but I am sure I will be better after this class. I will do my best like you my classmates~. We can do it~

I like all kind of sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer. it doesn't mean that I am good at all kind of sports.^^; It will be funny you to hear that, one of my dream is that I will do all kind of sport including unusual things such as sky diving, canoeing. haha~ Do you want to join me? ^^ I will be glad about that~^^
Now I am living in Neil building. I think it's nice dorm except the high price. Does anybody live in Neil Building? Thanks for reading my terrible writing. ^^;;

Nice to meet you again~. See you tomorrow~ guys~


Hello, everyone! I am Ching-Suei Hsu, which Ching-Suei (菁穗) is my first name and Hsu (徐) is my last name. You can also call me Jean, because “Jean” sounds more similar to 菁 than “Ching”. My name has an image in Chinese: Hsu is an adjective that describes slow motion, such as breeze. Ching means the best part and Suei means a tassel. Therefore, my name gives a picture that the wind breezes though a field of golden crops. My parents said my grandfather named me by looking up in dictionary to gain the idea.

I am from Taiwan. Many students in this class are from Asia, but how much do you know about Taiwan? Taiwan is a small island located southeast beside China. Foreigners always confuse the national name “Republic of China” with “People's Republic or China”. Can you distinguish them? The previous name, R.O.C, is the national name of Taiwan; the following one, P.R.O.C is the national name of China. These are two different governments, and they have different delivery systems. So next time you want to send a Christmas card to your friend in Taiwan, do not mail it to China. The card will never go to the right place! I had this problem when OSU mailed I-20 form and Housing information to me. It really drives me crazy!
Furthermore, people in Taiwan and China both speak Chinese, but we write in different characters, which characters in Taiwan are more complex. Additionally, the words we use are more classical, since we keep Chinese traditional culture during the Culture Revolution in China.

After the boring national introduction, let’s go through an interesting part. Many people in Taiwan like watching movies; so do I. I watch many different kinds of movies, such as Hollywood, European, Hong Kong, Japanese and Korean movies. My favorite actress is Audrey Taotou. She appears a cute and elegant image on the screen. Many people agree that she has a similar appearance to the great star, Audrey Hepburn. I have seen many of Taotou’s works, such as Amelie from Montmartre, Dirty Pretty Things, A Very Long Engagement, and Pas sur la bouche. Amelie is Taotou’s best-known character, which makes her become a global movie star. If you love movies and need a company to go to the movies in Columbus, you can always contact me.

Pichaya, girl from Thailand.

Hello, whoever read my blog. My name is Pichaya Noranitiphadungkarn. I know that my last name is very long for everyone to read, sorry about that. However, you can call me “Tong”, that’s my nickname. I was born and grew up in Thailand, --again Thailand not Taiwan (people always thought that it’s Taiwan.) I lived in Bangkok which is the capital city of Thailand. Like the other capital cities around the world, Bangkok is crowded with people and traffic; nevertheless, there is something that makes Bangkok interesting and unique.

I am a person who is interested in language; it is very fun to know different languages. I was taking Japanese courses, while I was in Thailand; it was really fun. I also tried to learn Chinese by myself once but both their pronunciation and their letter are so hard; however, I will try it again someday.

Although this is the first time for me in Columbus and the first time for me to study aboard but it is not the first time for me in USA. While I was studying my bachelor degree in Thailand, I had a chance to join the summer work program. Therefore, I went to Florida and worked there for two and a half months, and went back to study. After I graduated, I worked as a flight attendant for Jalways Co., Ltd., the Japanese company; I saw that this is a good opportunity to study more Japanese, to gain life experience and to travel to many countries. Through this one year of the experience, it was an interesting one; it was hard but fun.

Now let’s talk about what I love. I have both dogs and cat but they are now in Thailand. I am the animal lover, they are sincere and intelligence. I think some people don’t know that animals are smart or maybe smarter than they can imagine because they have never try to observe. So if you try, you will love them.

If you want to know how Bangkok is interesting and unique, you can also explore my country too.

This link is for people who want to know more about the resort that I worked in Florida. Believe me this resort is great. You can find the information for your next vacation!
Edgewater Beach Resort

Thank you everyone who read my blog.

Nice to meet you all~!

Hello, everybody. I am Minjeong from Korea. Some of my friends call me Rachel.(Yes, I am a girl) My home is Seoul- a capital of Korea. If you like energetic and complex atmosphere, Seoul is for you. Seoul has been a capital of my country for about 500 years. You can find lots of history there as well as exciting new stuffs. You can check below web sites for more information about Seoul. www.seoul.go.kr. www.theseoultimes.com
I have been Columbus about two years. Compared with my hometown, Columbus is relatively quite and spacious area. At my first year in Columbus, I struggled with this different environment. I was boring and lonely. I think I have never spent that much time for sleeping in my life. However, I am now enjoying stable surroundings of Columbus than any other exciting big cities. Now only thing want for Ohio is having little bit more sunny weather. ^__^
I have a bachelor degree of social welfare from my university in Korea and now pursuit a second bachelor degree on textile & clothing major in OSU. Before I came here, I worked as a social worker for a short time. Don’t get me wrong. I am not that royal person. I consider money matter just like anybody. Since I needed to know human-being and our society (this is all about social work), my university life was full of diverse people and activities. I pushed myself to too much experience as much as I could and later it became outrageous. I always wished my life was less complicated. I am telling you. When you wish something, you should be careful. It would take you there~! Look at me. Now I have nothing but school~!!
My resolution of this term is busting my bad English writing and getting some muscle. Honestly, I was so hurt when I heard that I got this bottom class of ESL writing. I guess you guy are just like me. However, I know my writing is not good enough, so this is very good chance to working on it. I promised myself that I would change this shame to glory. (Laugh~! It is joke.) Also I think having good physical strength is essential to academic success. If there are any girls who are interested in getting some muscle, let’s do it together! New Larkins Hall is just fabulous~.

My new life goes on!

My name is ji yeon and from South Korea. I’m 25 years old. Now I’m hanging big change on myself both personality and behave compared to the past. In the past, I was introspective girl and prefered spending alone to with people. so, I spent my free time by listening to music or reading books. Even when I met my friends, I just talked about something rather than did some activities with them. Also, when I sometimes had a big problem, I depended on my parents and friends to solve it rather than I resolved it myself. By the way, after I came here, I have been changing obviously. At the first time when I came here, I had to rent my house and buy a car. Also, I had to resolve various problems but u couldn’t speak English well and I didn’t have many friends. I wanted that someone helps me but there wasn’t anyone who gave me a hand. I had to do everything myself. Although I wasn’t a good english speaker, I met people and talked to them about my problems. I tried to clear them up myself. Of course, at the first time, I got trial and error and made bigger problems. However, I tried over and over again on all such occasions. As a result, when I meet people and speak English , I can gradually reduce afraid about English and people and I try to became more sociable person and confident myself. For example, to make more friends, I joined an association. I play games and exercise with members when I meet them regularly. I don’t any more spend most my free time alone. I try to do whatever progressively. While I stay in here, I’m going to try to meet various people and do many acts.


Hi all, I’m Sely, and I am from Indonesia. I lived in a small city called Medan, and it is located on one of the islands in Indonesia called North Sumatra. Since I’m taking this class, I think that you all know that English is not my first language. In my country, people speak several differences languages such as hokien, bataknese, javanese, chinese, etc., but we have our national language; it is Indonesian. You can know more about my country, Indonesia by clicking this : Information about Indonesia.
The most famous city that people like to visit is Bali.
Even though English is not my first language, I had studied English since I was in high school. At school, we only studied grammars and vocabularies. How about you? I think that it would be tough if you did not study English when you came to U.S. Even though I had studied English before I came to U.S., I still had hard times to communicate with and listen to people and even write papers.
I have been here at Columbus for two and half years. The first school I attended was Columbus State Community College (CSCC), located around downtown, before I transferred here, OSU. Frankly, if you are taking general courses at OSU, I recommended that you better take them at CSCC because it is cheaper to take classes there then here at OSU. I only took the classes at OSU that CSCC did not offer. Oh well, I did not mean to advertise CSCC, but that was what I did. If you need more information, click here: CSCC.
My major is Food science. Before I transferred to OSU, I planned to take business as my major, but I changed my mind when I knew that OSU has Food Science major. I think that it is interesting. Sometimes people might wonder why some of the students, especially international students, are ended up here at Columbus and choose OSU because I think you have lots of choices to choose and pick. For me, my reason is because my brother and sister are the students at OSU, and I think that’s why I ended up here. How about you?
When I have free times, things that I like to do are watch movies, listen to music, and draw or sketch especially when I see an interesting pictures. I hope that the class will stay the same like last Friday. I meant the combination of 106G and 106. It will be more fun to have more people. What do you think?

And nice to meet you all.

My name is Nimet Kardes. I was born in Eskisehir, Turkey. My native language is Turkish. My home city is very close to the capital of Turkey, Ankara. My family is still living in Eskisehir. The meaning of Eskisehir in English is old city. There are lots of historical places, Ballihisar and Midas, around Eskisehir and a valuable stone, Meerschaum, is only found in Eskisehir. For further details and photos you can visit the following website : http://www.allaboutturkey.com/eskisehir.htm. I had been in Eskisehir until I won the university entrance exam in September 1997. I did my undergraduate education at the mechanical engineering department of Istanbul Technical University which is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul, Constantinople, is one of the biggest and one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. Many tourists visit Istanbul every year. Istanbul is not only a very beautiful city but also a historical city. The most interesting fact about Istanbul is its location. Istanbul connects two continents, Asia and Europe. For the photos of Istanbul look at the following website: http://www.istanbulcityguide.com/pictures/index.htm. After I had spent five years in Istanbul, I went to Vancouver, Canada for masters in August 2002. I studied at the department of mechanical engineering in University of British Columbia ( www.ubc.ca ). My thesis was about the vibrations occurred during metal cutting operations. At the same time, I worked as a research assistant at the Manufacturing Automation Laboratory ( www.mech.ubc.ca/~mal ). Both my supervisor and colleagues were very talented and nice people. Not only I learned a lot about metal cutting processes but also I really enjoyed my time in Vancouver ( www.vancouver.ca ). I went back to Turkey in July 2005. I spent two months with my family and I realized that I missed them a lot. I think that it is very difficult to be away from your family. In September 2005, I came to Columbus for Phd. I just switched my major from mechanical engineering to industrial engineering. I hope I will like the life in Columbus and Ohio State University.


My name is Huseyin Husnu Bahar. I come from Turkey. I was born in 12/27/1965 in a small town. I went to primary school when I was 5 years old. Then, age of begin to primary school in Turkey was 7 years old. To go and back to the school, I had to walk six kilometers every school day.
I finished high school in diffferent city in 1981. I started university in same year in Ankara, Turkey's capital city. I graduated college name was College of Education. I finished it in 1985. I got my master's degree in education at Ataturk University (in Turkey) in 1995. My master thesis concerned with in socio-economical features and select of high school type. I got my Ph. D. in 2001 at the same university. My doctoral thesis concerned with smoking habit and some socio-economical features.
I worked 16 month for Turkish military service as a second-lieutenant. To work in military service, each Turkish males are compulsory.
I worked 5 years for Ministry of Turkish Finance. Then, I worked at a primary school for two years as a teacher. I have been working at College of Education since 1997. I worked there as a teacher assistant approximately 5 years. I have been assistant professor for four years in the same college.
I teach in my courses to my students Turkish Education Programs, Planning and Evaluation in Instruction at College of Education. This college trains teacher at the different fields for primary school.
I have been marry since 1991. We have three kids, two girls, and one boy. Our one doughter is 12, and the other is 9 years old. Our son is 6 years old. They are students still.
Volleyball, soccer, swimming are my hobby sports. I like walking and playing chees.
I went to America three months ago. I came to here lonely. My family stayed at Turkey. I come back to Turkey in the next March. I like here. People is very kindly, cities is very extensive. Apartment blocks is too few. Most of homes have two or three floor. It is too different from Turkey. I like OSU, too. University is too big, old and nice.

My Life!

Hi, my name is Babak. I was born in city of Tehran in 1977. Tehran is the capitol city of Iran. I've been here in United State for over eight years. I learned, experience and seen so many new things. I'm 3rd student at the college of mathmatics. I live in small town 30 miles from Columbus called Westerville. My favorite things to do are working out , playing hoop and watching movies. I have two part time jobs, one on campus and one off campus. I work as data entry at the student career center in the college of art & sciences.

About my home town Tehran is the 4th biggest city around the world. Close to 14 milion people live in Tehran and surrounding. For more informatiom you can visit http://www.tehran.com/ . I have so many memories from my childhood, playing soccer in street, riding bilk with group of kids and swiming in the river in hot summer days. The most amazing thing about this city is the second highest mountain in asia. The Alborz Mountain, I remember when I was younger, I would go hiking with my dad on the weekends.

I became U.S. citizen last year, so I guess I'm getting use to be more american than iranian.
I enjoy living in United States and I would live here for rest of my life. My family they all live here and they don't want to go back to Iran. Because of the situation in Iran, people have hard time to live. I know if we would have better goverment, Iranian could live a better lifestyle. Enough of politics, that was very short story about me and my life, waht is your story? ...

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